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I"m make Fucking Mac and Cheese is an internet catchphrase that has been placed in numerous video clips. The clip got popular in November of 2018 after ~ the relax of Deltarune as soon as it to be paired v the character Rouxls Kaard.


The faster known usage of the meme remained in a remix by YouTuber topkek on respectable 11th, 2018. The video clip remix features a clip from Dragon Ball through the audio "I"m making mac and also cheese" overdubbed.

In the comments of the clip, YouTuber Laytr insurance claims that the audio comes from Snapchat, meaning the original might be lost.


The clip was reposted come YouTube at the very least twelve times in the following months.<1> it was also paired come a clip that Jojo"s Bizarre by user Chamblane (shown below, left) and also a clip native Bravest Warriors posted by user Maxymus (shown below, right).

The quote got to its widest audience ~ it was tweeted through user
Kardiamente, who paired the quote with the character Rouxls Kaard that Deltarune, obtaining over 11,000 retweets and also 26,000 likes.

Kadiamente made featuring Rouxls Kaard saying miscellaneous vulgar points (shown below).

— Kardiamente (
skinnyfatboiiiii post a video clip using the audio and recreating the step of making the mac and cheese. The article received more than 6,900 favorites and 290 shares (shown below, left).

The video became the first in a collection of recreations of the scene (examples below, center and right).

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