"I"m for this reason Fresh, You deserve to Suck my Nuts" is a catchphrase the originated indigenous the track So Fresh by DeAndre Cortez Way that was offered in the Brody pursuit mashup "Soulja Quest." The expression is frequently used in man GIFs and also image macros featuring personalities throwing your elbows and also torso earlier and forth.

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The lyric "I"m so fresh you deserve to suck mine nuts" originated from the tune So Fresh by DeAndre Cortez Way, a.k.a. "Soulja Boy".<2> The song was an initial posted top top YouTube ~ above December 18th, 2010, by Youtuber CEOSouljaBoy.<3> on June 9th, 2011 YouTuber OniMorter<1> posted a remix that the tune titled "SouljaQuest.mp3", i beg your pardon featured a mash-up of Souljaboy"s "So Fresh" through the key tune that Brodyquest.


On august 12th, 2011, a thread to be posted to the IGN<10> gaming forums titled "I"m so new you can suck my nuts" v a attach to the video. On October 28th, the video clip was posted to the AutoCowrecks FAILblog<11> page. On august 15th, 2011, the video clip "fuckshit avenue" by R33MIX<2> using the various Team Fortress 2 characters was uploaded come YouTube and also subsequently post to Reddit<7> the following day, and also is attributed with developing the swaggering movement connected with the image macros. Top top November 18th, 2011, a My tiny Pony remix was submitted come Reddit.<6>

Derivatives deserve to be uncovered on Tumblr under the sign "#I"m therefore fresh"<4> and also "#soulja quest."<9>. A facebook page<5> has accumulated 111 likes together of December 23rd, 2011.


Animated GIFs and image macros using the catchphrase often encompass the native "Swag" native the track as well. The optimal rated urban Dictionary<8> definition for "swag" to be submitted top top July 31st, 2006.

swag: apperance ,style ,or the way he or she gift themselves.He gained a killa swag.




Notable Examples



Search interest

Search queries for "i"m so fresh you deserve to suck my nuts" choose up in respectable of 2011, 2 months after OniMorter"s "Soulja Quest" remix to be released.

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