Infinity Ward has released upgrade version 1.04 for call of Duty: unlimited Warfare on PS4 and Xbox One. The full patch notes have now to be provided.

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The contact of Duty: boundless Warfare upgrade patch is 850MB on PS4 and also slightly bigger on Xbox One at 1.03GB. The complete patch notes were posted on Reddit. Transforms were made come both Zombies and Multiplayer.


Fixes for MedalsGeneral fixes for Infected modeRemoving CTF Flags in Winner’s Circle; adjusted session state change for games where yes sir no death camMap exploits (we know some that you room reporting one top top Genesis; we’re functioning on it)Removal that Taunts the weren’t supposed to be unlockedLocalization formatting fixesAdjusted a an obstacle to effectively reference Propulsion rather than RushdownFixed typosAdjusted the an obstacle for killing players in the air simply a tinnnny bit more lenientEAK ADS fire fixFixed an concern where the second player in splitscreen would certainly not earn any type of Mission Team ProgressAdded a sound because that tripmine projectileFix because that Synaptic death going through the groundAdd a win to the height 3 players in FFA modes for leaderboard stats and also show victory on the last win/lose/tie HUDCreated an ext contract between the 3 Scorestreaks that room selected versus the people that room disabledAdjusted points for score every bomb plantFixed accessory collision top top the R.A.W.Adjusted a Frontline spawn allude on Riot due to intersection geometryFix for previews of Mission Team emblems once they to be still lockedAdjusted gun camosFFA score increase from 50 to 100Fixed the collision the the strap ~ above the Karma indigenous glitching through the other side of the gunDMR-1 – Epic- No much longer supports the variable Zoom ScopeEnlarged the collision form on cosmetics to prevent clipping with miscellaneous weaponsFix for one extra framework of latency that was showing up in the muzzle flashesFixed a bug where bots wouldn’t choose up crates in fall ZoneFixed a bug where the Stinger would lock on come your very own Killstreaks in FFAFix for S&D crashBetter win problems that will protect against draws in ReinforceCombat to explode duration tuning for CWLCWL – adjustments come recipe for correct Payloud charge and score ratesFixed one known problem with framerate ~ above Xbox One and various performance renovations – if she still endure this, please let us knowAdded Infected modeAdjustment to the Warden Killstreak ~ above BreakoutPick 10 point out are currently blueAdded ability to view the chosen Rig and also mini combat document of others players in a lobby

Zombies in Spaceland

Fix for pap zappers having no ammo after you choose them ago up turn off the standeeFix because that pap zappers not having actually camo after putting ago on the standeeFix for Brute having actually his helmet on mistakenly after removing that after he ordered a zombieFix for zombies who “walk ~ above air”Fixes for certain cards through the alien FightFront finish camera shift fixesFix for the croc mouth (sometimes the wouldn’t return to its initial height)Fix for seeing player outlines once they room playing emulated arcade gamesAllow clowns come be part of the “kill marked” challengesMake sure the Brute zombie doesn’t decide to grab/kill zombies that are marked for a challengeFix for players being able come jump+sprint down the slideAdd the soul an essential progression to the front end.Fix because that players gift able to fix a home window from too much away and also avoid gift attackedFix for N31L’s pause/unpause usability being broken after letting him auto-pause due to multiple failed obstacles in a rowFixed the sometimes crawling zombie play a standing fatality animationReducing emissive on camosGive player a struggle reward if melee’ing throughout Infinite Ammo

Infinity Ward said there were over 1000 pest fixes in this latest upgrade to call of Duty: unlimited Warfare. Together always, they advice players come let castle know exactly how things are going and also if an ext improvements are required in the future.

- This post was to update on November 9th, 2021

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