I have a tower ns am building, and also I surrounding the edges through iron bars come block spiders/shoot from. My trouble is that ns can"t completely surround the edge of my tower with iron bars due to the fact that it is impossible to place any kind of kind of point on the corners.

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Currently I produce makeshift wooden frame saffholding over my catch to reach the edge of my tower, but it is very tedious.


It have to be possible to turn iron bars utilizing the rotate switch until they location themselves diagonally. Castle won"t smoothly connect with the various other bars, but they functionally obtain the task done.



I ran into this precise issue. The difficulty is the the visual component of the steel bars is no the very same as it"s "hit box". Therefore in bespeak to place the stole bars in the edge of an external wall, you need to target with your cursor whereby the edge would be if it to be a heavy frame, not wherein you actually view the bar. I had actually the same issue trying to place torches on 2 sides of mine iron bars together well.

Hopefully that provides sense, if no I deserve to throw increase a screenshot (not in the game right now) come further explain what i mean.


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