Barnes & Noble Holiday hours – If you room curious come acquire any books or spark notes, then unquestionably, Barnes & Noble have the right to be a one-stop destination to obtain book-related items. Barnes & Noble is one American bookseller. It operated chiefly via that Barnes & Noble series of book merchants and headquartered in brand-new York, brand-new York City, and the unified States.

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Barnes & Noble is a fortune 1000 organization and the bookseller with the US’s biggest number of store outlets. Barnes & Noble is no forever staying open all day because that consumers, though it is opened it on part holidays. When you arrangement to visit the store to get any books, check before leaving Barnes & Noble hours. For your ease, below, we stated Barnes & Noble Hours, vacation Hours, customer Service, and Nearest location.


Barnes & Noble holiday Hours

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Barnes & Noble vacation HoursBarnes & Noble Customer business Contact Details

Once you chose to walk to Barnes & Noble’s save to acquire any type of SparkNote, friend must understand the Barnes & Noble holiday hours before. Here space a few of them are stated below for your attention.

The middle-of-the-road the the Barnes & Noble shop generally stays open up on the next holidays, although decreased hours may be applicable.

New Year’s DayMartin Luther King job (MLK), Jr. DayValentine’s DayPresidents DayMardi Gras Fat TuesdayPatrick’s DayGood FridayEaster MondayCinco de MayoMother’s DayMemorial’s DayFather’s DayIndependence work (July 4th)Labor DayColumbus DayHalloweenVeterans DayBlack FridayChristmas EveDay after ~ ChristmasNew Year’s Eve

The middle-of-the-road the the Barnes & Noble keep will it is in closed on the next holidays. Castle are:

Easter SundayThanksgiving DayChristmas Day

Barnes & Noble Opening and also Closing Timing

First, anyone must find out the Barnes & Noble opening and closing time from Monday come Friday. Uncover when walk Barnes & Noble open and also what time walk Barnes & Noble close. Fortunately, us state the functioning schedule of the store for your eyeballs.

Monday (9.00 am to 10.00 PM)

Tuesday (9.00 to be to 10.00 PM)

Wednesday (9.00 to be to 10.00 PM)

Thursday (9.00 to be to 10.00 PM)

Friday (9.00 to be to 10.00 PM)

Saturday (9.00 to be to 10.00 PM)

Sunday (9.00 am to 9.00 PM)

To conserve your an important fuel, time, and effort, make a call to check the Barnes & Noble store’s working schedule and also holiday hours.

Barnes & Noble Holiday hrs Information

You space thinking the buying any books from Barnes & Noble. Nevertheless, you are fearful worrying whether Barnes & Noble will certainly be open or not. Not ever anguish, below you will get to find out the holiday hours of Barnes & Noble store. Though, we also stated above around the actual hrs of Barnes & Noble for her eyeballs. Usually, various shops open up overdue and also close shortly depending upon their favorite quite than lock up wholly. In the meantime, many shops will be closeup of the door in the following holidays. They are:

Easter Sunday

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

Barnes & Noble close to Me Location and also other details the Barnes & Noble

There are bountiful localities; it is enthusiastic around figuring out your next-door location’s opening and closing timings. This duty deserve to be terminated by retaining Google Maps or store Locator.

All you demand to carry out is placed the Zip code, town, or state of your surviving resolve in the shop locator. Rapidly, locators tail out the neighboring spot and also its to work proposal. Friend can also sort this out v Google Maps and discover the next-door Barnes & Noble shop and also its applied proposal, address, and Barnes & Noble holiday hours. 

Other Details

Sort – Private

Established – 1886

Headquarters – united States, and brand-new York

No. Of. Location – 627

Produce – SparkNotes and Nook

No. Of. Employee – 24,000

Website –

Barnes & Noble Customer service Contact Details

Suppose you have any type of uncertainties regarding the Barnes & Noble shops. Please call this below-state phone call number come clarify your entirety uncertainties and save her energy, fuel, and also time.

Customer service – 1-866-238-7323 or 001 201-559-3882

Toll-free – 800-n843-2665

Frequently asked Questions

Q.1 What is Barnes & Noble?

Ans: Barnes & Noble is an American bookseller and also headquartered in new York, brand-new York City, and also the united States.

Q.2 What are the working hrs of Barnes & Noble top top Sunday?

Ans: Barnes & Noble will open up at 9.00 AM and also close in ~ 9.00 PM.

Q.3 will certainly Barnes & Noble be open up on Easter Sunday?

Ans: No, the save will be closed on Easter Sunday.


Finally, a couple of data on ours page around the Barnes & Noble store’s vacation hours, opening and closing time, next-door location, and also customer business have relieved girlfriend to settle all her uncertainties and inquiries.

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In comparison, we believe that girlfriend will favor this write-up after analysis utterly. Suppose you have any type of queries around this article; friend will communicate with united state or poster ~ above the box.