I"ve played the game a couple of different ways, and so far have not had a lot of variation in the ending.

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Frankly, I"m beginning to think it"s little more than a "friend-zone simulator".

Is there any means to lug the game to a conclusion that"s significantly different, an especially with regards to the Player/Emily relationship?


I have played the video game several times and also searched for several different playthroughs ~ above YouTube. As far as I deserve to tell, there is no other method the video game can end: the player"s connection with Emily is always in tatters by the moment the two of them leave university. The kind of this disintegration changes with every ending: for example, in one ending, Emily says that she"s back together v Brad and the player deserve to no longer talk to her; in another ending, Emily claims that she can"t speak to the player due to the fact that she has homework come do. Yet it will constantly happen. Over there is no happy finishing to this game, no issue what girlfriend do.

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Those are the end in Emily is away

Awkward ending

If you decision to speak to Emily in thing 4, where she speak to you about the occasions that happened throughout her visit, in thing 5, friend will have actually the standard ending like she got back with Brad/Travis (depending on if you visited the party in chapter 1 or not) and also if you try to traction on the conversation, girlfriend will end with 3 goodbyes in the choice.

This finishing is when you invest a lot into her and obviously would certainly be viewed as a poor ending.

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Best ending

Then, girlfriend wanna be a jerk and also decide to take revenge on her. You desire to abuse she at her most vulnerable moment, it means at chapter 3, once she argues to visit you. Let her come (not only as friends), be a gentleman and also tell her the you have alcohol. Then, on chapter 4, girlfriend don"t speak to her! You can imagine what happened during your visit and you"re kinda happy through Emma, don"t let the drama queen revolve your head around, make an excuse or something.And finally, on thing 5, once you try to speak to her, she"ll just make the same excuse come you and the video game ends.

So, to sum up, you scored something with Emily, you room with Emma, game over, ideal ending.