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It"s better to be happy 보다 to be free.. -Ikulabi Anikulapo Ikuforiji

Published On: in march 13th 2019, Wednesday
11:09:13 AM

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far greater 보다 all the material possessions that ns possess is- My freedom to Choose, mine Freedom..

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Freedom ideology

Happy flexibility
we don"t need success to it is in happy. We must be happy to be..

Faith ideology

Need Success Happy successful
He that finds happiness in an additional man"s pair of shoes will never be..

Happiness Life Philosophy short One liner

Happy happiness
You ultimately realized the life is no too long to be..

Inspirational Life Philosophy brief Truth

Life Happy
ache isn"t optional however happiness is. Choose to it is in happy. It will make the pain much easier to..

Happiness brief Wisdom pain

Happy pleasure Pain
having no time to be happy is..

Short Time poor

Time Happy
He that does not wish to make others happy, shall no hold any kind of right to do them unhappy..

Happiness Life philosophy Relationship fact

Happy Wish organize
The greatest moment to it is in happy is today, tommorrow we have actually it by..

Hope Inspirational short Wisdom

Happy now Hope minute
choose to it is in happy, since you constantly have the..

Happiness brief

Happy choice
being happy is not about having much more money, far better friends or being greater against others. It"s..

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Happiness Life approach Wisdom

Being Happy Money
Everyone should just be quiet and also forget differences. Forget what the or she has done come you. No one will certainly care but yourself. Simply live life, prevent the.. -Obed Ceballos

Happiness Life

Life Happy Money Stop treatment
anyone deserves to it is in happy. No ONE has actually the best to do others unhappy in their..

Happiness love Life Love relationship