Exclusive: Metallica"s James Hetfield is a fan of every those "awesome" internet memes


Metallica frontman James Hetfield think the digital ‘Hetfield Memes’ space “awesome.”

The singer and guitarist is the star of many memes, through the most famed of them entailing his “I am the table” lyric indigenous the monitor The View, which featured on 2011 Lou Reed & Metallica album Lulu.

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But if some might expect the mim to it is in an annoyance to Hetfield, that insists he find them funny.

In the upcoming concern of steel Hammer magazine, early out next week, Hetfield says: “It’s funny. Ns love it! i love that, ns guess, there’s a details look the becomes a representation of sarcasm, or humour, or idiocy.

“I love the truth that we’re recognised, and also I gained no regulate over it. What am ns gonna do other than laugh in ~ it and also enjoy it?”

Lulu is lot maligned by steel fans, however Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently said the band learned lessons native Reed the they took right into the studio when recording your upcoming 10th album Hardwired… to Self-Destruct.

Ulrich said: “I think that it certainly just gave us a new way to translate a an innovative process, or gave us second layer, the one deserve to be the impulsive and one can additionally be happy the what happened in that minute. It has actually a beautiful aspect to that that’s just part of that minute.”

Meanwhile, Metallica have actually released live clip of lock playing new track Atlas, Rise! live for the an initial time. It to be recorded during their performance in Bogota, Columbia, this main – where fans passed around a giant crowdsurfing replica of the band’s …And Justice because that All mascot Doris. View the live power of Atlas, Rise! below.

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Metallica Hardwired… To self Destruct tracklist

Disc 1

HardwiredAtlas, Rise!Now that We’re DeadMoth right into FlameDream No MoreHalo top top Fire

Disc 2

ConfusionManUNkindHere comes RevengeAm ns Savage?Murder OneSpit the end the Bone

Metallica tour dates 2016-17 therefore far

Nov 03: Guatemala City Estadio Cementos Progreso, GuatemalaNov 05: san Jose Estadio Nacional, Costa RicaJan 11: Seoul Gocheok sky Dome, south KoreaJan 20: Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo, ChinaJan 22: Singapore indoor Stadium, SingaporeFeb 03: Copenhagen royal Arena, DenmarkFeb 05: Copenhagen imperial Arena, DenmarkFeb 07: Copenhagen royal Arena, DenmarkFeb 09: Copenhagen imperial Arena, DenmarkMar 25-26: Sao Paulo Interlagos Racetrack, BrazilMar 31,-Apr 01: Buenos Aires Hippodrome mountain Isidro, ArgentinaApr 01-02: Santiago Parque O’Higgins, Chile

Metallica"s Hetfield and Ulrich recall ‘awkward’ an initial meeting

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