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BOSTON -- The following time a skilled boxer v no blended martial arts endure considers stepping into the Octagon, he should take a look in ~ what taken place Saturday to James Toney in ~ UFC 118.

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Toney got a rude welcoming to the MMA civilization at TD Garden courtesy of former UFC heavyweight/light heavyweight champion Randy Couture.

Less than a minute right into the fight, Couture (19-10-0) conveniently took Toney come the ground and also never permit the boxing champion get ago to his feet.

Once Toney to be on the ground, his inexperience to be evident. He to be unable to avoid Couture native posturing up and also landing strikes.

The photo of Toney (72-6-3, two no-contests) in ~ 0-1 in MMA and getting mauled by a cage legend had actually the 15,575 pan in attendance on your feet, screaming excitedly.

Things would obtain much worse for Toney. The more he tried to squirm from under Couture, the less complicated it ended up being for the UFC hall of Famer to apply an eight triangle.

Toney had no clue how to protect himself top top the ground, and also for the an initial time in his skilled fighting career, he was finished early. In ~ 3 minutes, 19 seconds, Toney had actually enough and tapped.

Debate over.

No boxer can walk into MMA there is no spending significant time discovering at the very least one various other fight discipline. Toney learned this class the hard method -- by having his lights put out.

"James Toney picked this fight, and he gained a fight," UFC president Dana White called "Toney lasted much longer than I believed he would.

"It"s unfair to put a male in there with one discipline, even if he"s trained for several months."

Couture go what no boxer had ever done: protect against Toney indigenous landing a solitary punch.

James Toney was quit for the first time in his fighting career.Ed Mulholland for"I want to offer James Toney the complete mixed martial arts experience," Couture said.

Landing a punch squarely on Couture"s chin was Toney"s only chance in ~ shocking the MMA world. Couture made certain no such opportunity would come.

In the months leading approximately the fight, Toney spoke consistently of being able to fight native his back. The told anyone who"d listen that he would knock Couture out, standing or ~ above the ground.

"You will see exactly how James Toney boxes. Girlfriend will watch that James Toney hits hard," Toney said recently. "You will watch why James Toney hardly ever gets hit.

"As much as takedowns come, i welcome them. If he tries to take it me down, it"s walking to be a short night because that him. A really short night."

It was, yet not the means Toney envisioned.

Toney truly believed that punching strength alone would lug him to win Saturday night. He ongoing to cite that wearing 5-ounce MMA gloves fairly than 12-ounce boxing gloves would increase both his hand speed and power.

If this to be a boxing match, Toney would have been in his element and also destroyed Couture within a round. Couture has enough respect because that boxing no to venture into the arena. Toney didn"t re-superstructure the very same respect for blended martial arts. He most likely does now.

Whether blended martial artists room the best fighters in the world? That dispute will continue.

Toney"s ns in an MMA fight proves just that a boxer should dedicate self to discovering the sport.

Many the today"s finest mixed martial artists have actually better-than-average boxing skills, such as: UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, who successfully defended his crown in the main occasion Saturday night, Kenny Florian, Anderson Silva, Chael Sonnen, frank Mir, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and also B.J. Penn, to surname a few.

Most, if no all, train on regular basis with experienced boxers. Just Silva, who boxed briefly, has expressed interest in beginning the boxing ring.

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