Earning the standing of a height 100 Henry Dealer is not around selling an ext Henry rifles and also shotguns 보다 everyone else. Above all else, it’s around treating customers the method that we would certainly treat our customers if we were to open a brick-and-mortar sleeve store. It’s something the we recognize a thing or two about from story told through Henry President and also Owner, Anthony Imperato’s time behind the retail respond to of his family’s gun company in downtown Manhattan. A Henry height 100 Dealer have to live and also breathe customer satisfaction from the owner and also every employee behind the counter. From day one, Jay’s Sporting items has done simply this, and also it’s why they room still approximately today v not one, however two Henry optimal 100 Dealer locations.

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Jay’s started in a 1 auto garage in downtown Clare ~ above 7th Street. Photograph courtesy of Jay’s Sporting Goods.

Celebrating your 50th anniversary this year, Jay’s Sporting items was started by Jay Poet and also his mam Arlene in 1971 out of a 1-car garage in Clare, MI. A second location was added in Gaylord in 1987, and also while both of this locations have actually moved right into substantially bigger structures since, they room both still located in the two original cities wherein they started. Come this day, Jay’s is tho family-owned through JJ Poet, Jay’s son, now running the ship.

Ribbon-cutting ceremony at Jay’s present Gaylord ar in 2015. Photograph courtesy of Jay’s Sporting Goods.

From your customer service, come their an option of Henry rifles and shotguns to pick from, your affordable pricing, and also their capacity to treat friend like part of your family, Jay’s Sporting items deserves your business if you’re in the Michigan area and looking to do a acquisition for just about any of your outdoor needs. External of firearms, Jay’s also carries a large inventory in their archery, camping, hunting apparel and footwear, fishing, home and also cabin, pet supplies, and watersports departments. Truly a one-stop-shop.

Wall of Henry weapons in Jay’s Clare, MI location.

To celebrate their 50th Anniversary, Jay’s Sporting Goods determined two various Henry models, the golden Boy and also the classic Lever action Carbine, for a limited-edition run through custom engraved buttstocks.

Custom engraved 50th Anniversary Edition gold Boy and Classic Lever activity .22 Carbine.

Jay’s Sporting Goods also runs a non-profit company called, “Living The Dream,” through a mission to provide once-in-a-lifetime dream hunts come deserving people who may not otherwise have actually the opportunity. To learn more about “Living The Dream,” click here.

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We are very fortunate to have businesses like Jay’s Sporting items selling ours firearms, and also we wish them all the ideal in their next 50 year of business! pay them a visit if you’re ever before in the area and also tell lock Henry sent you.

Jay’s Sporting Goods

1151 S. Otsego Ave.Gaylord, MI 49735(989) 705-1339

8800 S. Clare Ave.Clare, MI 48617(989) 386-3479