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Ms. Alice TasmanJean V. Naggar literary Agency

216 eastern 75th Street, #1E

New York, NY 10021


Twitter: AliceTasman

AAR/AALA Member: Yes

Accepts Queries Via...

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Alice Tasman"s focus is literary and commercial fiction, and also she is always on the lookout for debut writers. She is especially interested in novels—whether adult, young adult, or center grade—that incorporate excellent writing, voice, and also characters through a an excellent plot. She is likewise drawn come smart, off-beat non-fiction, an especially works of rigid non-fiction ~ above biography, music, or pop-culture.
Definitely hacked. Castle found an e-mail from as soon as I queried she in 2017 and also replied come it with that attachment. My certified dealer emailed she to do her aware of the problem, but beware! Don"t open up strange attachments. In the same method that agents don"t accept attachments in your emails, they will never ever send one out without former communication.
She"s to be hacked, and like a fool, I opened the "request." Strange the she yes, really hasn"t comment at every to anyone in a dog"s age, and also now ns guess writers are gaining this phishing email. Sad on plenty of counts.

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