The resources and also information in the turning points Autism Resources center are supposed to it is in a reference, and should not be considered considerable or an endorsement or reference of any kind of providers, methodologies or services from any type of of the groups, agencies or suppliers listed. We advice you to do independent judgment when picking a professional to aid you. We administer guiding concerns to aid you think through what is ideal for your situation.

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JFSA is guided by classic Jewish worths of communal responsibility and social justice. They offer several programs to help teens and adults v disabilities through residential services, employed services, community inclusion, and family advocacy.

The Horvitz YouthAbility program provides volunteering and also job training methods for disabled and at-risk youth and also young adults.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services aid people prepare because that employment based upon their skills and interests.Adult work Program offers group and individual work respite activities.


2020 annual Report

2020 to be a distinct opportunity for us to evolve to satisfy the urgent demands of our community. Many thanks to our supporters, was able to answer the speak to of families in crisis. Check out this digital report an overview of our occupational this past year.

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Donate to annual Fund is proud to offer a trusted guide for families in our local community. Join us in making a difference and aid individuals through ASD with their unique potential through a donation come the 2021 yearly Fund.



COVID-19 sources for Families to know our families, individuals with ASD and also the professionals who serve them are still facing obstacles as a result of COVID-19. Our team proceeds to update our website with sources to support you as the human being inches toward developing a new normal.

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