The superstar ‘Healer’ actor Ji Chang Wook has actually been melting fans’ hearts due to the fact that he collection foot in prior of the camera! His recent drama ‘Lovestruck in the City’ (2020), confirmed that his charms and visuals only age like good wine. He’s not just an actor but a singer who has lent his beautiful voice to numerous OSTs. The actor-singer has also made his note in the civilization of musicals! several of the fight dramas in his roster are ‘Backstreet Rookie’ (2020), ‘Suspicious Partner’ (2017), ‘The K2’ (2016) ‘Empress Ki’ (2013), amongst many others.

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Today's heartwarming letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by Divyanshi native India come Ji Chang Wook. Read her letter below.

Dear oppa (ji chang wook)

I am Divyanshi indigenous India . Ns am a substantial fan of your versatility and your awestruck action scenes. I completely fell in love v you when I saw your an initial romance comedy , Suspicious companion . Your chemistry with Nam Ji hyun( both on and also off screen) is still irreplaceable. I love your choice of scripts which is like cherry top top the cake the your herbal acting skills. I have seen all your dramas and watched suspicious partners ,like an ext than thrice and I still can't gain over that drama. Oppa , i don't recognize if this letter will reach girlfriend or not however i think that you and also eonni ( nam ji hyun ) space destined to be together and both of you room a perfect match . You are my hero and I won't even trade you for Iron man. Keep human being falling in love through those deep eye .

Loads that love. From a huge fan of the little cute young from the off display screen scenes of suspiciously partners.



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