When Jimmy tries teaching the pendulum result to his class, everyone is bored to fatality by just how unexciting his show is, so miss out on Fowl urges him come rush through the experiment, lot to the pleasure of his classmates. Jimmy is then upstaged by Nick, that puts on one atmospheric presentation for his show & Tell, together he details a ghost story about a phantom who haunts the template park “Retroland”, and also everyone is blown far by the spooky tale. Annoyed the Nick’s display & tell gained a far better reception than his, Jimmy take away on the dare to prove the the phantom is an metropolitan myth, and also he drags Sheen & Carl along as witnesses.

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This episode pretty much uses the Scooby Doo formula, however with no self awareness around it, so it simply becomes a retread that what made old Scooby Doo episodes so predictable, since anyone of any type of age can immediately guess who is hiding beneath the Phantom’s mask. It provides for a boring mystery, as each “twist” comes as no surprise, specifically when there’s only 10 minutes to job-related with (That’s half a Scooby Doo episode). However, the joke that the last pretend phantom to be Jimmy’s mom was type of funny, due to the fact that she’s the least likely personality to pull turn off this type of stunt.

Why is Jimmy’s mom pretending to it is in the Phantom? Well, in order come trick his parents the he’s sleeping, Jimmy left a holographic illusion of the snoozing in bed, yet the hologram machine glitches, and it end up displaying Jimmy hanging the end in his institution playground. I gain that this is a way for Jimmy’s parental to proviso in top top Jimmy’s sneak out, and also it’s a setup because that the joke that Jimmy’s dad thinks the his son’s playground is in his bedroom, yet why would certainly Jimmy even need to have actually a hologram that him playing in the school yard for his bedroom? i can’t imagine a instance where that would certainly be beneficial or beneficial! Just have actually the hologram an equipment shut down, then it’ll disclose that Jimmy is not in bed, an easy as, don’t over-complicate things to contrive humour. I understand that this show thrives top top cartoon logic an ext than actual science, however Jimmy’s innovations need to at least make contextual feeling in the series’ universe.

But putting aside the bland an enig and confound mechanics behind Jimmy’s hologram machine, the illustration does in ~ least have actually a good message because that Jimmy, teaching him that he shouldn’t use his scientific research to destroy people’s fun, and also that silly urban myths have the right to be enjoyed by even the many scientific that people. Cindy, a character who is virtually as intelligent together Jimmy, says that she deserve to put aside science to have a little bit of fun, pointing out that no one in reality believes in the Phantom, they just want to get into the spooky heart of a campfire format story. It’s an excellent to use scientific research to it is in sensible and logical, yet letting that spoil everyone’s fun just makes friend look choose an stroked nerves party pooper.

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To conclude, “The Phantom of Retroland” is quite repetitive, rushed, and also predictable, but I evaluate the lesson that sets the end to teach, plus there space some funny moments that don’t count on forced humour; like as soon as Carl plans to confess come Jimmy the he’s involvement the French foreign Legion to acquire out of sneaking out. I can likewise imagine younger children being creeped out by the phantom, v his neon lit skull confronted mask lunging right into the camera, the wouldn’t surprise me if you were scared that this illustration as a kid. It’s just, Jimmy ghost is totally capable of doing really an excellent horror themed stories, favor the illustration “Nightmare in Retroville”, that was a an excellent campy tribute to classic monsters, so this episode has actually no excuses to be such a boring permit down.

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