around Black lamb

"Black Sheep" is a tune written by Danny Darst and Robert Altman, and also recorded through American country music artist john Anderson. It to be released in September 1983 as the an initial single indigenous the album every the world Are Talkin". The track was Anderson"s 3rd number one top top the country chart. "Black Sheep" checked out number one for one week and spent a complete of 14 weeks in ~ the peak 40.

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My daddy to be a brakeman on a highball travel trainMama she elevated four small children and the family had a an excellent nameAnd papa and mama wanted all for united state they never hadBig brother small brother sister too none of them turned out half badCept me I"m the black lamb of the familyBig brother went to college and also became a physician manI guess that makes about a million dollars a year turn off the persons on insurance planHe"s gained a huge long Mercedes Benz and a house overlooking the townHe sits in his Jacuzzi and also he watches the sunlight go downAnd he feels real sorry because that me I"m the black lamb of the familyYeah i drive me a big ol" semi van I"m makin" payment on a 2 room shackMy mam she waits top top tables and also at night she rubs my backAnd i tell her what my papa stated to my mama once he obtained off a highball trainWake me up beforehand be good to mine dogs and also teach my kids to prayLittle sister married a banker yeah he own a nation clubHe bought she a large ol" gyeongju horse and a funny lookin" small dogHe buys her huge rings and diamonds and a brand brand-new Japanese yachtThey favor to get together and also talk about all the things they"ve gotBut castle never point out me I"m the black sheep of the familyYeah ns drive me a big ol" semi truck...I"m sayin" woman wake me up at an early stage be great to mine dogsAnd teach my youngsters to pray

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john Anderson man David Anderson (born December 13, 1954, in Orlando, Florida) is an American country musician with a effective career that has actually lasted much more than 30 years. Starting in 1977 through the release of his very first single, "I"ve obtained a Feelin" (Somebody"s been Stealin")", Anderson has charted more than 40 singles on the Billboard country music charts, including five Number Ones: "Wild and also Blue", "Swingin"", "Black Sheep", "Straight Tequila Night", and also "Money in the Bank". He has additionally recorded twenty-two studio albums on several labels.

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His newest album, bigger Hands, was released top top June 2009, top top the nation Crossing label. Much more »