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Nursing Care $8,340* (click listed below for pricing info)
Memory Care $4,847* (click below for pricing info)

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About Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center

Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab center is situated at 150 Mundy St in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. It is a 25 room nursing care facility. The bordering area is heavily populated, with approximately 41,000 residents in the 18702 zip code. V a average per-household earnings of $36,367, that is a generally middle revenue area. Located adjacent are churches, sleeve stores, health treatment facilities, and also other regional conveniences. Over there are countless pharmacies within one mile the the community. They"re located only 0.05 miles from man Heinz academy Of Rehab. There are additionally many churches in ~ 4 miles, consisting of St Christophers Church, holy Cross Episcopal Church, divine Resurrection Orthodox, and St Mary"s oriental Catholic.

Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab center offers both nursing house care and dementia care. They can provide care for world who are generally immoble and need to it is in cared because that by medical specialists on a constant basis. Also, they deserve to accommodate human being who space at any stage of Alzheimer"s an illness and who need close assistance and also care for their security.

Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab facility offers a large number of amenities and also services to their residents. Social tasks include off-site outings, wellness and also health programs, Tai Chi, yoga, and education programs. Also offered are physical therapy, job-related therapy, wound care, basic assistance with an individual care, psychiatry services, along with other clinical services. Additionally, they provide multiple room amenities including safety and also disabled fixtures and on-call maintenance.

The approximated monthly expense for this basic is around $6,594. The Wilkes Barre calculation for this level of care is about $6,734. If the us average expense is roughly $5,718, Pennsylvania is about $6,458 monthly.

Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab facility has to be open because 2007. They"re presently certified with Medicare. They received an accumulation score that 5 the end of 5 stars in the latest rating by Medicare, based ~ above a cumulative criterion of safety and security investigations, personnel reviews, and also overall quality. During this period, they had actually 2 deficiencies reported, no total penalties enforced, no fines enforced, no payment denials, and also no complaints filed.

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Frequently asked Questions

QuestionWhat is the expense of care at Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center?

AnswerThe estimated monthly price for this facility is about $6,594. The Wilkes Barre estimate for this level of care is around $6,734. While the us average expense is approximately $5,718, Pennsylvania is about $6,458 monthly.

QuestionHow go Medicare rate Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab Center?

AnswerMedicare provided Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab facility an mean rating the 4.6/5 stars in the recent survey.

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QuestionWhat species of payment does Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab facility accept?

AnswerAccording come our records, Heinz Wilkes-Barre Rehab center accepts insurance.

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