As fantoms anxiously wait for details about Julie and the Phantoms Season 2, they destruction their heels deeper right into learning an ext of the Netflix original. One element subscribers seem particularly interested in is auditions. Fans are very interested in Madison Reyes. In ~ 16 year old, Madison Reyes has actually just one actress credit on her resume at IMDb.

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The question conveniently becomes exactly how did someone so young and brand-new to acting land a leading function in this hilarious and wholesome musical.

How walk Madison Reyes Audition for Julie and also The Phantoms?

According come an exclude, interview with People Magazine, Madison Reyes’ audition for Julie and also the Phantoms took location when she was simply 14 year old. She, however, admits auditioning because that the role didn’t make her practically as nervous together other elements of she life. After all, she was a young teenager. She had actually a lot going on.

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The night prior to I checked out take my driver’s allow test, ns was for this reason nervous. Ns was ~ above the phone v my friend and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh, what if i don’t pass? I simply want to gain it excellent on the very first try.’ and also they were like, ‘Girl, you room literally the command in a Netflix TV show. Why room you nervous around this?’ i was an ext nervous about this 보다 I to be for the actual audition. The didn’t make any type of sense!”

Fortunately, the young actress was worried for nothing. She passed her driving test. She even took to Instagram to expose the big news sometime later.

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