Hello there, daredevils the Medici. For those of friend brave sufficient to unlock all your choices in maximizing the use of her gear, here are some tips come doing just that.

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We"ll have more guides and tips ~ above the way to assist you along the way.

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You"ll find tips for these challenges:

WingsuitShooting GalleryScrapyard ScrambleRacingDestruction FrenzyCrash Bomb

The destruction Frenzy and Shooting gallery will carry out details into the specifics because that each requirement.

Shall us begin?



The wingsuit will allow you come travel good distances with much better control of Rico. You"ll have to fly through all the rings but in order to maximize her points, you"ll want to:

Flying Low

If you"re low to the ground, you"ll acquire bonus points in ~ the finish of the course (they won"t present up till then).If you gain too close come the ground, tether to thrust yourself forward and gain speed.Do not use the parachute. You"ll instantly fail the challenge.At the finish of the course, you have the right to pull the parachute to land when watching her points tally up.

Aim at the Center

Fly with the red ring in the center of the white ring; you"ll acquire loads of points this way.If you can"t with every red ring, just remember you have to hit five.

Shooting Gallery

As you may have actually guessed, here speed and accuracy is key. You"ll require to gain 5 gears through hitting your mark without hitting the blue "X" or missing. The an initial time girlfriend play this, you won"t have actually a Precision target Weapon mod. You need to acquire 3 gears to unlock this.

Note: absent your target will reset her multiplier, therefore if you have the right to avoid it.



Machine GunHandgunShotgunRevolverBurst

What to do:

Aim at the center of the target by shoot as lot as possible; simply hit the target. Don"t worry about hitting dead center.The target will disappear when it reaches its path"s end.Some targets relocate left-to-right (Handgun), others right-to-left (Revolver).



This challenge will need you to collect big amounts the Bavarium and also deposit it into a silo. Bavarium is available in two grades providing different points.

First, attach the Bavarium Attractor to her vehiclePress L2/LT to bring the Bavarium Attractor closer if it"s also farCollect many Bavarium to with the bonus numberGo come the pit, shut off the Attractor to drop the Bavarium, then drive outIf opponents pursue you, take it them to the pit


Races start at checkpoints whether by land, air, or sea. Damage to any type of vehicle or boat reduces her speed and handling, for this reason don"t hesitation to use your brakes.

Unlocking Speed rises from your gear Mod will boost your possibilities at success. Vehicles you"ve earned from Rebel drops are obtainable to use during the challenges, as long as it applies to race at hand.

Win and earn a "free" Rebel Drop.


Standard brake is L2/LTE-Brake is Square/XBefore start the beginning checkpoint, get as much speed as possible before driving v it


In a plane, usage Square/X and also Circle/B to turnLeft analog stick for steeringWatch your speed and also altitudeAvoid obtaining too near to tree or over there goes your rotor and also wings


Speed boats and jet skis are your friendUnlock jumping in your gear Mod food selection to jump end hazards and increase her timeThe direct path is generally the fastest

Destruction Frenzy


This is by far the many fun as far as challenges go in mine opinion. Below all you need to do is acquire as countless points as feasible by exploding whatever you see. You can come increase with an excellent combinations to important maximize those points. No idea is "too far;" imagination is her friend.

Each difficulty will begin with a timer for the an initial explosion and also then it"s up to you how you perform the rest. Recognize your area to maximize your surroundings to yes, really rack increase points. Each challenge will it is in weapon specific, yet that will certainly not limit your creativity. Just go because that it!

Sniper Rifle Frenzy

Transformer wall are an excellent targets because that this one, together with the weaker point out of certain objects. Shoot from the ground or in the air, and don"t forget your grenades to aid in objects quiet standing.

Jet Frenzy

Make sure to obtain a an excellent feel that the area before you start. Then concentrate your bombs top top the little and huge objects.

Helicopter Frenzy


In the helicopter, rockets and bullets space your rain the destruction, so usage them wisely. Use your map to always check the area beforehand to see where the most breakable targets lie.

Grapple Frenzy

The best method to maximize making use of the grapple is through tethering. Don"t forget your combo tethers either.


Boat Frenzy

Always usage your map first. Usage your grapple hook to pull shields off. You can"t journey the boat and also shoot simultaneously. you can usage your tethers on the front of the boat to relocate while you"re using the guns. Timing is vital with this tactic. Tethering watercrafts together to move from watercraft to watercraft is an additional idea.

Tank Frenzy

Lower objects and weak points are easier for the tank due to the fact that it"s restricted on how high it deserve to aim.

RPG Frenzy

You need to reload every time the RPG is fired, so make it count. If friend have access to the Hydra, walk for it! Hydra allows you come shoot many rockets. Remember come target gas tanks and transformers.

FOW Frenzy

From the waiting this difficulty is a bit much easier to take under the neighboring base. The weapon most recommended is the Dionysus PLDS-H. Enjoy!

Mortar Frenzy

Aiming is much more of the difficulty than noþeles else. When you acquire that down, it"s pretty much cake. Just make certain you"re not as well close to the explosions.

Support vehicle Frenzy

Like the boat Frenzy, friend can"t drive and shoot at the same time. The usage of tethers in this difficulty you will find critical. Use your map to focus on your targets, once you begin three cars will spawn.

Grenade Launcher Frenzy

This one is basic from the air v your parachute. Simply make it rain.

Machine total Frenzy

If friend don"t feel prefer using one actual device gun for this challenge, head over to the helicopter to use the double mini-guns. Just a thought.

Shotgun Frenzy

Be careful with this an obstacle since you"re increase close and personal putting yourself at risk. Remember your grenades and grapple for tethering to obtain you the end of harm"s way.

Stunt cave Frenzy

Here you"ll tether to a helicopter when on that is patrol. Fire down to cause destruction. Usage your wingsuit and also grapple come piggy earlier onto other helicopters.


Crash Bomb

In this an obstacle you must gain to the objective within the allotted time to for truck to ruin everything from the explosion; there is no you gift inside.

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Avoid hitting something on the means or your speed is affectedMaintain the minimum rate on her HUD to avoid premature explosionTime her bail out to stop getting recorded in the blast.

Well there you have some simple tips because that the obstacles you"ll confront in Just reason 3. Good luck!