This book assures youngsters of God"s love v all your experiences—including during hard times such together being fear of the dark or being bullied—and gives assurance that the parent was there as soon as they were very first born and also will be with them even in heaven.

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From New York time bestselling author Max Lucado comes Just in case You ever Wonder, the classic children’s publication that has do its way into hearts and story times roughly the world. This award-winning book about the love in between a parent and child

has offered 1.7 million copies, touching lives for more than 25 years;now has new, breathtaking arts from eve Tharlet;is perfect for children ages 3–7; andreminds children of Jesus’ unconditional love.

Whether you have treasured this classic publication for year or are reading it because that the very first time through your small ones, this timeless reminder that the love in between a parent and also a child—and ultimately, between God the Father and also us—will concerned hold a special ar in your heart and also home. Youngsters long to hear they’re special and also loved. Just in instance You ever Wonder assures lock that together they grow and also change, in both an excellent and negative times, you—and your heavenly Father—will always be on your side . . . Simply in instance they ever before wonder.


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Since start the ministry in 1978, Max Lucado has served churches in Miami, Florida; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and also San Antonio, Texas. He currently serves together Teaching Minister of Oak Hills Church in mountain Antonio. He is the receiver of the 2021 ECPA Pinnacle Award for his impressive contribution to the publishing industry and society at large. The is America’s bestselling inspirational author with much more than 145 million products in print.

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Eve Tharlet’s childhood to be basked in a Germano-French culture, having been born in Alsace, France, yet grew up in Germany. She has actually illustrated around 150 children’s publications in various countries, and nine graphics novels for kids, which to be made right into an animated TV series.

"I"ve constantly loved the works of Max Lucado, whether for myself or mine children. However that"s the thing about Max—his writings room for all of us. This beautiful and also touching publication will catch the attention of your children and also instill in the them the fact of just how much their parents love them, and also even more, how much your heavenly dad loves them. And also as you check out this come your small ones, you will certainly be reminding you yourself of the very same timeless truth. This book is for my children, yet it"s additionally for me." — Natalie Grant, seven-time GRAMMY-nominated Christian and also gospel artist"Max has actually the profound ability to bring heaven to earth with his writings. Unlike any author of our time, the writes about the cool truths the God through an ease and warmth that is therefore relatable and also transformational for united state all. This gift is on full screen when it involves his stories for children. I am past grateful for simply in case You ever Wonder. Every time I check out this publication to my two small girls, it"s an additional moment to repeat them both exactly how much i love them and how much God loves them. What can be far better than that? thank you, Max." — chris Tomlin, Dove Award– and GRAMMY Award–winning CCM artist with more than 7 million albums sold