We had actually a concern yesterday indigenous Randy who had a problem with a really poorly Keurig B60 and also the dreaded Keurig blinking lights problem …: “My Keurig quit working. It has actually the “ready come brew” light on and also the three-cup size lights blinking. Girlfriend can’t rotate it off, and also the menu switch or any kind of other button won’t work. Is over there a reset or other I have the right to try?”.

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It wasn’t an worry that we had actually covered before, and also so we believed we much better get to work. We wanted to find a systems that would get Randy earlier to make his continual Keurig coffee. Having operated through various solutions with our trusty B60 testbed, we have a solution that fixes the blinking light problem.

Keurig Blinking irradiate Cause

The reason of the blinking lights case with a Keurig brewer is the maker unsure that its next step. This is usually the an outcome of one interrupt to everything it was working on. The interrupt can be native a power change, a rest in a sensor signal, or just a negative day! Most civilization don’t establish underneath all that plastic is an 8-bit PIC Microcontroller the manages all the functions going on. And sometimes this unit can get itself a bit worked up and also hence the flashing or blinking lights.

A Solution come the Keurig Blinking Lights

The complying with solution was designed to permit a Keurig brewer’s “brain” to be reset and get it back into the normal mode of operation.

Step 1

Ensure the brewer is turned turn off (and at this point, the lights have to be blinking, and also the brewer no in the middle of any type of other operation).

Step 2

Press and also hold the auto-off button.

Step 3

Press and also hold both cup-size buttons (for those brewers with only two cup sizes). For those with 3 cup size selections, press and also hold down the medium and large cup dimension buttons.

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Step 4

Once all the lights go out, release the buttons. The brewer should now turn itself ago on, and also you should have the ability to get earlier to do coffee. If the brewer doesn’t rotate on automatically, push the strength button.As with every one of our work, we would certainly love come hear native you. In particular, if a propose solution operated or didn’t work for you. Please usage the comment section below or the call Us form.