Kevin (Probably) saves the civilization Season 1 episode 9 Review: Probably

This is among the most delightful, feel-good reflects that has actually graced the screen this season, and this rate is the perfect example of why that"s the case. Every solitary last human being truly shined, and the full-circle vibe to be the best way to highlight how Kevin has actually grown as a character because the pilot.

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Bringing ago some the the civilization that Kevin has actually helped along the method was brilliant. We pretty much established that that would finally get to hug a Righteous soul by the midway suggest of the season, but it was an especially special that few of the human being he previously helped would, in turn, help him finish his mission.

On a show about the Universe, it only felt appropriate that luck, kismet, serendipity (whatever you desire to contact it) would play together a huge function in obtaining him to the right place at the appropriate time.

A flight to Laos to be expensive, yet fear not, Sam, who as you recall to be the guy Kevin helped out with the task situation, had actually miles that he to be willing to provide to Kevin in an action of gratitude. The didn"t have a trouble letting Tyler usage them, too.

It was apparent at that moment that the hour would be an emotional one. 

Yvette: I issue that you"re just not ready. We"re, we"re no ready.Kevin: Oh, we space so ready.

On a an individual note, i was increased with a "Random plot of Kindness" and "Pay it Forward" mentality and belief system. Therefore this present was appealing for that premise alone, yet it was an extremely special seeing it in action in this way.

Sometimes--most times-- if girlfriend put an excellent out into the Universe, it might come ago to you as soon as you require it the most, and also not because you mean it or feel entitled to it, yet just because. 

Kevin had actually no way of knowing or thinking that his an excellent deeds and also the assist he offered others would certainly be returned, no questions asked. Sam had no problem helping Kevin the end with obtaining to Laos, and by happenstance, Ben, the firefighter, remained in Laos in ~ the best time and could offer Kevin and also Tyler his suite to share when they needed it the most.


It was beautiful seeing the in action. It"s the method the civilization should work. Anyone should aid each other since we"re every in this big, crazy civilization together.

It was not only seeing the positive effects that Kevin had actually on rather coming back to that tenfold that made the hour special, it was also realizing just how much Kevin has grown together a human in together a short time.

His life has meaning and purpose now. That went indigenous this depressed, selfish, inconsiderate male to someone who has genuinely end up being a considerate human who helps others since he wants to and because it renders him feel good. It has been a lengthy journey because that this lovable guy, however the payout has actually been worth it. 

Kevin: Don"t solve the car, don"t execute a thing.Yvette: Why?Kevin: That"s from my vision. That automobile broke under for a reason. We"re here for a reason.Yvette: How can you it is in sure?Kevin: ns trusted you, her lessons, your guidance because that this whole ride and its obtained us here. Deserve to you just trust me now?

Don"t you feel proud of him because that the progression and breakthrough that he has actually made?

There"s also the truth that he and Yvette kind of traded places. It was Kevin"s revolve to have actually all the belief that points would rotate out ok in the end. In a way, he was able to finish his mission with self-motivation and small motivation indigenous Yvette due to the fact that she remained in a little of a funk.

It was refreshing watching Kevin take it his mission seriously and have for this reason much belief in the Universe, when months ago, he to be a hopeless, dark, unhappy person who didn"t think he had actually a higher purpose.

There was something about the way he hesitantly asserted that even if there weren"t other Righteous Souls out there that he need to be enough. It was a hit appropriate in the feels.

Kevin: I"m still righteous, right? ns mean, you to be right about that?Yvette: Yes. You"re the just one left.Kevin: well then probably I"m enough.

Months ago, a self-loathing Kevin would have never imagine he was enough for anything, let alone a mission to much more or much less save the world. Again, his development has to be remarkable and fulfilling. 

Poor Yvette permitted Dave"s words to acquire in her head. The dream she had didn"t aid matters either. What go that typical for her? Remember, Angels aren"t claimed to sleep.

We have never witnessed Yvette together discouraged and hopeless as she was after her nightmare. What go it to speak when even an point of view can"t save the faith?

Thank God for Tyler though, right?! Tyler isn"t utilized virtually enough together he must be. He"s together a wonderful, sweet character v a gentle and kind soul. It"s impossible to no smile as soon as he"s onscreen,

Yvette absolutely figured that out. 


On any kind of other show, the really thought that Yvette and also Tyler having such intimate and sweet moments would have been a WTF?! development, however here, not just did the work, but it was downright heartwarming.

I don"t understand why Yvette decided to "be seen" in Laos, however I"m so very happy the she did due to the fact that her scenes v Tyler to be the best. Tyler was the perfect human to uplift Yvette as soon as she necessary it the most.

Again, ns can"t protect against gushing around him; he"s perfect. He was a good listener, and his optimism and also goodness to be infectious. He had Yvette smiling, talking, and slow dancing, and also the two practically shared a kiss too.

Tyler is for this reason awesome that he isn"t even fazed the he met a mysterious mrs whom he claims he dropped in love v in that brief time, and he might not ever see her again. He"s happy to have actually loved and lost than never having loved. 

Kevin: What provides you think you"ll ever see her again?Tyler: The Universe sent out me an angel, Kev. The universe doesn"t do mistakes. I"ll watch her again.

Plus, Kevin finding out that Yvette was the secret woman that Tyler fell for was absolutely hilarious. 

I totally expected the misdirect v Kevin"s Righteous Soul, yet it was no much less moving to clock unfold. Vong, the driver, was a funny character, but the second he mentioned his mam was pregnant, it was obvious where the story was headed.

It just makes feeling that the very first Righteous soul that Kevin has come throughout is the of a child baby. Is it just me, or did it have a birth of Jesus vibe simply in time because that Christmas?

There to be the Mariachi tape waiting exterior of the hut that reminded me that a stable. There was also an angel present. Of course, Lucille to be there via video to aid them deliver the infant too. It was an lover scene.


But nothing was together adorable as as soon as Kevin hugged the baby and also realized the she was the Righteous Soul. It to be short-lived, and we entirely missed out on every the adventures that Kevin went on soon after, and all the visions comes together, however it was worth it.

Yvette required the validation that she to be right about the Righteous and also that she didn"t ruin her fellow angels" lives. She also needed to have actually her confidence restored, and it was emotional that Kevin was able to carry out it because that her.

It was nearly like Yvette was among Kevin"s tasks, yet not in one obligatory way, but more of being a support to a friend form of way. When she to be questioning herself and also the Universe, the was showing her follow me the way that she had actually nothing come doubt. 

Kevin: What the hell is walk on? What is the world trying come tell me?Yvette: i don"t think the cosmos was talk to you. That--that message was intended for me.Kevin: You, what is the universe trying come tell you?Yvette: That, the I"m wrong. The there space no other Righteous Souls.

It was nice to see that her angel friend was the an initial one assigned come the baby. That"s one spirit down and a couple of dozens left come go!

Amy and also Reese held their very own while Kevin to be away. Why isn"t the the the very least bit surprising the Amy is the form to go all out for Christmas? It to be so cute! 

It"s nice that she and Reese deserve to have such open up discussions. She was able to broach the object of dating afterwards after Iggy bumped into them at the diner, and also Reese to be honest around Nate"s emotion for Amy, however also, around Amy not being ready to date yet.


So, is this the end of Amy and also Ignacio currently that she"s conscious of exactly how Nate feels? Don"t gain me wrong, Ignacio is dashing and also sweet, and also I"ll never object come Brandon Quinn on my screen, however aren"t us all rooting for Amy and Nate?!

Nate faking a gas leak and rerouting traffic just so world would journey by Amy"s blinged out house (that would put the Griswolds to shame), was the sweetest thing ever. Amy ultimately took she wedding band off quickly after that, so maybe she"s prepared to wade right into the date pool v Nate.

And as if the hour couldn"t get any kind of better, Kevin made it home in time because that Christmas! That last montage coupled with the man Denver song and also Yvette"s voiceover to be a tearjerker. A happy tearjerker, the is. 

Kevin: You"re pretty confident for who who shed all hope.Yvette: Because, ns now understand something ns didn"t understand before. What you carry out matters. The the smallest act of kindness, the easiest expression the grows. That reverberates v the world, with the Universe, and also it"s a irradiate that"s more powerful than any type of force of darkness. I understand now, much more than I"ve ever before known before, the the human being is kind.

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That was hands down the ideal episode of the series so far, and the Universe might be looking the end for us too because Jason Ritter showed just just how much the a godsend the is transparent the hour.

Over come you guys, walk the midseason finale bring you come tears? space you shipping Nate and also Amy and/or Yvette and also Tyler? What was her favorite part? What perform you hope to see once Kevin probably returns? Sound turn off below!

If friend would choose to catch up over the vacation break, or you, favor me, setup on reliving the entire experience all over again because that the pure delight of it, you can watch Kevin (Probably) saves the human being online right right here at TV Fanatic!