HE’S the chicken nugget-loving boy who went famous after showing up on wife Swap in 2009. We tracked under King Curtis to discover out if he’s changed at all. Spoiler: the hasn’t.

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Back in 2009, the then seven-year-old and his family members were featured ~ above an episode of the us TV show, wife Swap.

In the truth program, the mums from two drastically various families swap areas for a pair of weeks and also mayhem regularly ensues.

Curtis’s family loved Demolition Derby and also lived ~ above junk food, through the seven-year-old eat chicken nuggets for 3 meals every solitary day.

The self-appointed “King that the House” clashed with his mum’s replacement, Joy, that came indigenous a family of fitness fanatics and also did her ideal to promote healthy eating and also exercise.

Curtis gained into several heated arguments with pleasure in the memorable episode and also became well known for his catchphrases including, “bacon is great for me”, “chicken nuggets is favor my family”, and also “she’s acting choose she’s the Queen and also we’re the sorry people”.

Here’s a clip that Curtis’ highlights native the episode:

incubadoradeartistas.incubadoradeartistas.com tracked down King Curtis, now 16, to find out what he’s up to now:

How lot do girlfriend remember from the filming of wife Swap?

I remember all of it.

Did the producers tell girlfriend what incubadoradeartistas.come say and also how incubadoradeartistas.come act or was that all you?

The producer didn’t phone call me what to perform on the show, however I’ll speak this: If i asked you a million inquiries in a million different ways, I’d eventually get the answer ns want. You recognize what I’m saying?

How did your life change after the illustration aired in 2009?

When it incubadoradeartistas.come on waiting a many of civilization recognised me. We went ~ above a family vacation incubadoradeartistas.come a ar in phibìc Carolina referred to as the Biltmore. It’s a very, really nice plantation. Very high end.

We go there for a tour and some mrs ran up to me and said, “Are girlfriend King Curtis?” and I said, “Yes ns am.” That’s about 300 mile (480km) far from mine house and also that was more than likely the longest distance from home that someone’s recognised me.

In my house town world would yell out at me, “There’s Curtis, he’s famous. He’s a rock star.”

You had actually a variety of memorable lines in the episode. Do people ever repeat them incubadoradeartistas.come you?

All the time. Civilization yell either “bacon is great for me” or “chicken nuggets is prefer my family”.


King Curtis walk not gain on well through Joy.

Were friend approached to perform TV shows or incubadoradeartistas.commercials after appearing on wife Swap?

Yes, sir. I had actually an sell from a bacon incubadoradeartistas.company but i was still contracted to abc so i couldn’t take it.

And is the true girlfriend filmed a pilot because that a fact show about your life?

I did. I had a lot of fun shoot the pilot, more fun than doing mam Swap to be honest with you. However it just fell apart.

Have you preserved in touch v Joy, who resided in your residence for 2 weeks in the episode?

A year later on she added us on Facebook and also just because that kicks and also giggles we added her back. She was talking around how she was going on Dr. Phil and stuff choose that. We blocked her after that.

You’re now 16. What are you up to?

I’m researching welding in ~ college, that’s what I want to do once I prosper up. I will graduate next year. I’m living through my parental still and yes, I have a girlfriend.

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Curtis loves hunting and fishing.

Has she watched your episode of wife Swap?

Oh yeah, sadly yes. Her an elderly quote is, “She’s the Queen and we’re the sorry people.”