This overview will show you every interactions v Relic Seeker Lemm, the various relics you can sell to him, the lore behind relics and also their functionality and locations.

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Guide to Relic Seeker Lemm

Who is Relic Seeker Lemm?

Relic Seeker Lemm is the only seller in hollow Knight whereby you deserve to sell items – however, only four items can be marketed to Lemm for varying prices.

Lemm have the right to be discovered in the City that Tears; indigenous the Nailsmith’s Hut, travel down and exit his room come the open area with an elevator. Keep going right until you come to the departure to the bottom ideal of the room and go in. Lemm will certainly be slightly surprise by foreground, so usage the elevators in the room to travel up come him.

Lemm is a collector. He took trip to the Kingdom of Hallownest native afar trying to find various treasures and also relics of the past. Finding him will offer you his greeting dialogue.

“Aye Aye. Come in search of rare items have actually you? fine hands off! This repertoire is mine and also I won’t be marketing to grubby little wanderers.

Still, i imagine girlfriend come throughout many exciting items in your travels. Perhaps you’d treatment to part with some? I’ll market a fair trade for each.”

Upon opening his shop, Lemm will enable you to sell 4 kinds of items come him – Wanderer’s Journals, Hallownest Seals, King’s Idols and Arcane Eggs.

Wanderer’s Journal

“These journals provide us an interesting glimpse into the minds and also hearts the those who lived before us. They’re a common find, so ns can’t offer you too much for them”.

Selling Price: 200 Geo

Hallownest Seal

“These ornate seals were the official symbols of the King and his Knights, and were treasured by those who brought them. The King and his Knights are long gone, however the seals still host value together curiosities. I’ll pay a modest price because that them”.

Selling Price: 450 Geo

King’s Idol

“An icon of Hallownest’s King, who was revered together both a god and also a ruler. Made the end of a mysterious white material, these are rare and an extremely valuable. If you’ll offer it to me, I’ll salary a great price”.

Selling Price: 800 Geo

Arcane Egg

“Ah! This seems like a an easy egg, however it’s in reality a priceless relic from prior to the bear of Hallownest! I’ll pay you a little fortune because that it. Please sell it to me!”

Selling Price: 1200 Geo

Wanderer’s newspaper – all 14 Locations

Wanderer’s Journals room the most typical relic in hole Knight. There space a numerous 14 to it is in found throughout all of Hallownest, each netting friend 200 Geo.

Collecting all of them and also selling them come Relic Seeker Lemm will certainly net friend a modest 2800 Geo.

Here is a brief list of all accessible Wanderer’s newspaper locations:

Outside that the Stag terminal in Greenpath, surprise behind a breakable wall surface nearby.In the room connecting Greenpath come Fog Canyon.In the room southwest the where two Shrumal Ogres space encountered in an arena, the reward gift a Charm Notch.Whispering Roots can be used with the Dream Nail, the one just north of the Mantis village having a newspaper nearby.To the west the the City Storerooms Stag Station.North of the stagway ‘King’s Station’.In the pleasure House, a warm Spring requiring a Simple an essential to open.In the Howling Cliffs.Found in Crystal optimal in a room guarded by 7 decision Crawlers.Found in the relaxing Grounds in a room close to the soul Eater charm.In the imperial Waterways area the connects it come the ancient Basin.In the western part near the enntrance gate to King’s terminal stagway.Next to the bench ~ above the path resulting in the Cast-Off Shell, the molt of the Wyrm offering you accessibility to the Abyss.To the northwest of where Markoth can be found and fought for 300 Essence.

This map of every Wanderer’s Journals:


Hallownest Seals – every 17 Locations

Hallownest Seals space the most common relic uncovered in hollow Knight, having actually a complete of 17 appearances transparent the Kingdom. Every Hallownest Seal nets you 450 Geo, totalling to a price the a crazy amount that 7650 Geo once all are sold to Lemm.

Here is a quick list of all 17 locations of Hallownest Seals, courtesy of the hole Knight Wiki. Go inspect out your guides and information!

Given as a reward from Grubfather for conserving the 23rd Grub.Found in the forgotten Crossroads in a secret room ~ above the left side of the well.Found in Greenpath come the southwest of whereby Thorns of Agony is acquired.In the height section the the room eastern of Queen’s Station.In Mantis village in a chest in the room northeast that the Mantis Lords ceo fight, have the right to only be accessed after defeating the Mantis Lords.In Queen’s station up in the ceiling wherein Willoh is eat mushrooms.In a room to the northeast that the Overgrown Mound, close to the Lifeblood Cocoon.In the room connected to the forgotten Crossroads, covert in the left wall.Found in the relaxing Grounds in the catacombs eastern of the lift, behind numerous breakable walls.Given together a reward indigenous the Seer because that 100 Essence.To the northwest that Relic Seeker Lemm.Above the King’s terminal Stag Station.In soul Sanctum in the west most room after ~ fighting the soul Master.In Watcher’s Spire in the room northwest that the Watcher items fight.In the south component of Beast’s Den.In a room northwest of the Mantis Lords.Found in Queen’s Gardens to the northwest the the Stag Station.

Here is a map that information all places of Hallownest Seals:


King’s Idols – all 8 Locations

King’s Idols space a beneficial and hard-to-find relic in hollow Knight, only showing up 8 times throughout the kingdom. They have the right to be offered individually for 800 Geo, netting a grand complete of 6400 Geo for all sold to Lemm.

Here is a short list of all 8 locations for the King’s Idols:

Given through Grubfather as a reward for saving 38 Grubs.Found in crystal Peak over where Cornifer sell the map.Found in the relaxing Grounds behind a waterfall in Spirits’ Glade.Found in the imperial Waterways, in a an enig room where White Defender is fought, only easily accessible with Desolate Dive/Descending Dark.Found in the Howling Cliffs in the southwestern component of the map.Directly under the Colosseum of fools behind a breakable wall.Behind the Colosseum of Fools and in a secret room.Found in Deepnest west of where Zote is trapped in the spider’s web.

Here is a map to display all locations of King’s Idols:


Arcane eggs – every 4 Locations

Arcane Eggs are by far the rarest and also most an useful relic discovered in hole Knight. The item deserve to be discovered in 4 different places, and also sold for 1200 Geo each. Combine this all together will provide you a complete of 4800 Geo for all of them.

Here is a complied list of all 4 locations:

Located below the room where Lifeblood core is found.Directly west of whereby Shade coat is acquired.In the south part of Birthplace.Given through the Seer in the relaxing Grounds together a reward for 1,200 Essence.

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Total Geo Earned because that All her Seeking

Wanderer’s Journal: 14 * 200 = 2800Hallownest Seal: 17 * 450 = 7650King’s Idol: 8 * 800 = 6400Arcane Egg: 4 * 1200 = 4800

2800 + 7650 + 6400 + 4800 =

Your grand Total: 21,650 Geo

Wow! That’s a lot of Geo. That’s equivalent to:

8 trial of the stupid Completions.109 False knight Kills.10,825 Crawlid Kills.

Enjoy your Geo, and also have funny playing hollow Knight!