Right native the off, Kingdom Come Deliverance doesn’t host your hand. When this can help to produce an role play world, the does mean that it’s fairly easy to get stuck performing also the most mundane tasks.

Here’s our side quest guide to The great Thief, in case you need help getting a spade, or recognize the Executioner’s house.

This search requires breaking right into a chest, i beg your pardon in Kingdom Come Deliverance is easier said 보다 done. We’ve likewise got a guide on just how to pick locks in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and also where to get lockpicks.

The great Thief side search guide:

Speak to Miller Peshek and accept the questCollect the spade resting against the dare in front of his houseSpeak come Miller Peshek again and also ask him to teach you lockpickingFollow the marker on her map to Gallows HillDig up the corpseReturn come the müller PeshekBreak into the Executioner’s house and steal the ring indigenous the chestBring it ago to the müller Peshek and then deliver it to his friend


Starting the quest

The an excellent Thief is just one of the an initial side pursuits that girlfriend can gain in Kingdom Come Deliverance, and also tasks you v some unsavoury service to repay your debt come Miller Peshek.

Once you’ve awoken in Rattay, speak to the miller to start the quest. Throughout the dialogue, you’ll have to swallow her pride and choose choices that agree come what that asks of you.

He’ll send you off to the gallows to procure a ring from someone who doesn’t require it anymore - if you catch his drift - through any method necessary.

Find a spade

To complete your task you’ll require a spade, i m sorry Miller Peshek unhelpfully states is “around right here somewhere”. It’s really easy to miss, but the spade is leaning against the cart in former of his house, top top the best hand side together you come out. It’s beside the enormous pile the logs, but you should an alert it once you watch the cart.

Once you’ve obtained the spade, talk to fearbut Peshek again and also ask him to teach you just how to lockpick. He’ll offer you a handful of lockpicks to check out, so practice well.

When you’re to solve head out in the direction of the location significant on her map.

Dig up the corpse

As you take trip to the Executioner’s gallows, the terrain will start to gain steeper before you begin to obtain close come his house. So you don’t alarm the Executioner and also his hounds to her presence, it’s ideal to loop around his house and then move into the grave significant on your map.

Once you’ve dug increase the body, booty it, and also you’ll that there’s nothing there.

Be cautious while you’re in the grave, if you’re transferring too lot weight your jump height will be diminished and you’ll acquire stuck. If this happens, drop some stuff, hop out and also pick it ago up again once you’re safely on the edge.

Now you’re finished, go ago to fearbut Peshek.

How to get the ring indigenous the Executioner

When friend tell fearbut Peshek what happened, he’ll ask friend to gain the ring earlier from the Executioner.

The Executioner is stubborn and also doesn’t take it kindly to civilization pointing out his misdemeanours, for this reason there’s no allude in asking nicely. You now have to obtain into his house and break into his locked chest to gain the ring.

You have three options here:

If your speech ability is high enough, you can persuade the Executioner to leaving on an errand.

You deserve to use your whistle - Triangle or Y top top console, “X” crucial on computer - to attract the Executioner outside prior to stealthily creeping into his bedroom.

Alternatively, friend can shot to sneak your method into the home with the still there.

Either way, you have to acquire into his bedroom and close the door so you’re no disturbed. Climate you need to pick the lock ~ above the chest and also take the ring. Again, check out the lockpicking overview linked over if you’re having actually trouble.

Once you’ve stolen the ring, go earlier to Peshek and also he’ll provide you part pickpocketing lessons, then ask girlfriend to provide the ring come his friend.

Follow the quest marker come the northeast and also speak to Peshek’s friend.

Completing this quest permits you come fence stolen goods to Peshek and his friend, and unlocking a heat of next quests.

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If you"re strapped for cash and need come buy lockpicks, shot our Kingdom Come Deliverance money do guide.