So I obtained the an interpretation and I can play the scenario the end in my mind a baseball gift hit so hard that it paris out the the park. That way a pretty batting.

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But I have some questions.

Firstly, deserve to I likewise say "knock it the end of the court/field/diamond/ring..."? Is baseball "park" casual name for the baseball ground?

Secondly, are there any kind of expressions (slangs or idioms) identical to or synonymous with "knock (it) out of the park"?

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"Knock it the end of the park" is the just idiomatic phrase. Court and also ring space not connected with baseball and thus can not be used. A baseball diamond refers just to the parallelogram developed by the baseline (from residence plate, to 1st, 2nd, third and earlier to home) which essentially only consists the infield area the the whole baseball field so knocking it out of the infield isn"t really perceived as a an excincubadoradeartistas.coment accomplishment. That pipeline field and also while the is the formal term because that the ar the game is played, it is not used in the idiom knock it out of the park.

For the second part, associated with knock it the end of the park is hit a home run.

John really hit a home run with that presentation. I think we"ve acquired a genuine shot in ~ a sale.

"Yeah he yes, really knocked it the end of the park.

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There"s also:

He really aced itHe really nailed it

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