Let united state Cater Your next Event

Let La Casa de Samuel take care of her catering needs. Our party trays are the perfect systems for your following meeting, event or gathering. Just speak to us, pick up in the Restaurant or with deserve to deliver! allow La Casa de Samuel perform all the wok because that you, you just relax and also enjoy.

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Chiles en Nogada

No puede ir a Puebla??, Venga y disfrute nuestros chiles en nogada y haga de cuenta que esta allá


Carne Asada

Disfruta de la comida autentica Mexicana que “La Casa de Samuel” ofrece todo los días. Con una orden de cake recién hechas a manos deléitate con este platillo y muchos más que se encuentran en nuestro menú. ¡Te esperamos!



Buen día aquí en la ciudad de los vientos. A consentirnos con una rica comida amigos. Hoy es día para consentirse, déjense consentir por La Casa de Samuel. Llámennos para hacer su orden para llevar y disfrutar con sus familiares y amigos. Tenemos una selección de comida rica para disfrutar este día. NUESTRO TELÉFONO ES 773.376.7474 ¡¡¡¡ESTAMOS LISTOS PARA SU ORDEN :)!!!!



Why Us

Dine with us or stimulate to-go

People come here since they love to eat the finest of Mexico. Mine customers enjoy eating eat grilled thin steak, ajillo sauce bull"s testicles and also baby goat. Every dishes served with handmade corn cake fresh off the griddle to their tables. And I important love to produce something various for all my customers.


My friend and also I stumbled in below (Chicago location) ~ above a whim top top Mexican self-reliance Day/weekend and also were delighted v the ambience, romantic live music, efficient service, and especially our food. We want to go ago and try different food and also drinks!

Bao Jong Lammikins

This is mine favorite ar to eat in my neighborhood. The food is amazing. The staff is amazing. Over there is a lady do handmade tortillas! over there is a live band many nights... This location is the best! Micah Pfeiffer

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anyone ordered a various dinner key & all 5 that us chosen our food. What space the odds the that? Lol. They also have a parking lot of (now). Several of the combined drinks weren"t so an excellent though.

Francisco Morales

Love the variety of dishes. The only complain was that my calamari al aljillo wasn"t thawed every the way when served, thus it to be cold and I sent it back, however I know that things prefer that happens. Organization was great!