La Vista Correctional basic (LVCF) was opened in July 2006, offering the room of Corrections with a new multi-custody Level III facility for female inmates. In July 2020, legislation was pass reducing the bed volume from 707 to 560 leaving 3 life units with a capacity of 78 beds, 2 life units with a volume of 80 beds, and also Unit 1 and also Unit 4 Therapeutic community consisting of 76 bed each. LVCF additionally has 14 general populace beds in the intake Diagnostic Orientation (IDO) unit and also a 15 bed category review unit. The facility has actually a mixed group of woman inmates ranging from minimum to close custody. Services listed by housing assignment encompass a Therapeutic Community, Re-entry services and an catalyst unit. 


Warden Richard Persons

Switchboard: 719-544-4800

Addresses: PO crate 3Pueblo, CO. 81002


Visiting Days and Hours

In-Person Pandemic Schedule.

Schedule and accessibility for In-Person visits space subject to existing pandemic status and also strictly by appointment only.

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Schedules are based on a rotational format Fri/Sat/Sun with AM and PM sessions. Please email doc_lvcf_visiting through the name and also DOC variety of the offender girlfriend would prefer to visit. We will respond with existing status and easily accessible time frames for authorized visitors.

Video access time currently easily accessible through worldwide Tel attach (GTL). LVCF inmates can video visit seven days a week.

0800 hours to 1000 hrs / 1300 hrs to 1500 hours.

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Visiting Appointments 

All visits space strictly by meeting only. 

Please email united state at doc_lvcf_visiting through the complying with information:

*Names the approved visitors that want to visit

*Name and also DOC variety of person you are requesting come visit

We will certainly respond earlier with present availability.

Appointments might be made two weeks in advancement and the schedule will be finalized in ~ 2:00 p.m. Wednesday prior to the visiting weekend. Visits will certainly be evidenced by email. 


Where/How to submit visiting applications

Visiting Applications deserve to be found HERE

Visiting Application may be mailed or emailed to:

La Vista Correctional Facility

Attention: Visiting Department

P.O. Crate 3

Pueblo, CO 81003 

Visiting phone: (719) 583-5914

Who come contact if visiting has actually been denied

If a asked for individual is refuse visiting in the common process, such decisions may be appealed come the bureaucratic head. 

Requests can be mailed come the LVCF Warden’s Office, P.O. Crate 3, Pueblo, CO, 81002


Directions come the Facility

1401 W. 17th Street Pueblo, CO

Contact us