As girlfriend may have actually guessed from she joyful existence at the Academy Awards last month, Julie Andrews truly adored Lady Gaga’s performance throughout the Sound of Music montage during the ceremony. The iconic actress showed up on phase after the sultry singer had performed, and she’s now evidenced that she wasn’t faking the appreciation the she showered ~ above the pop singer in ~ the time.

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When inquiry for she thoughts ~ above Lady Gaga’s tribute come The Sound of Music throughout an interview with People, the actress comment enthisastically,"She struggle it out of the ballpark." However, andrew wasn’t simply impressed v Gaga’s singing, but her demeanor together well. The singer/songwriter actually dubbed Andrews come make certain that the she to be okay through the rendition, and Andrews was further impressed the Gaga didn’t make a fuss around handing end the stage immediately after she performance. Said the Oscar winner,

"That’s a yes, really wonderful point to do too i think. As they to speak in Hollywood jargon, ‘She rates tall in my book.’

Julie Andrews required to the stage to hand the end the best Original Score Academy Award simply moments after ~ the final note of had left Gaga’s mouth. And also the pair’s warm take on was one of the sweetest and most endearing moment of the entire extravaganza. In the hrs leading as much as the ceremony, over there were numerous rumors and suggestions the Lady Gaga would be honoring both Julie Andrews and The Sound the Music come celebrate the musical’s 50th anniversary. Those verified to be well founded, as Scarlett Johansson presented Lady Gaga, who then effortlessly warbled her means through the film’s best-known songs. You have the right to watch Gaga’s sublime homage below.

To think there to be some world who were worried that Lady Gaga would execute Andrews a disservice. And while it’s safe to say the her arsenal didn’t rather live approximately Andrews’ original efforts, Gaga was still good enough to make a grown guy contemplate moving to Austria and belt out a song on top of a mountain. I’m quiet not certain if any kind of of she Sound of Music renditions were fairly as great as "Bad Romance" though.

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I’d argue that it was only the 2nd or maybe even the third best performance of the whole Oscars evening. Since while Gaga was awesome, she wasn’t rather "Everything was Awesome," and also John Legend and Common singing Selma’s "Glory" to be so insanely an effective and emotional that it decreased most of the star-studded crowd to tears. Still, because that me, Lonely Island and also Tegan & Sara’s contagiously bubbly and also joyful power was the true music highlight. It to be the Batman playing guitar alongside Questlove that just cinched it.