Lee Su-kyung appears in Running Man

Running Man is classified together an “urban action variety,” a genre of variety shows in an urban culture. The MCs and also guests space to complete missions at certain places to win the race. In the 304th episode of Running man, the producer the this range show had actually scheduled the illustration of two beautiful actresses, play in the drama Doctors, Park Shin-ye and Lee Sung-kyung.

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We all know that Lee Sung-kyung was dating the male lead, who came to be her partner in the drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Nam Joo-hyuk. This announcement in Running man, do the fans of this range show walk crazy because back in the past, one of the cast members of Running man, Lee Kwang-soo to be rumored to be in love v Lee Sung-kyung. Therefore now, we obtain to watch the interaction in between Lee Kwang-soo and also Lee Sung-kyung when they fulfill in among Running man‘s one-of-a-kind episodes, title “Oh mine Goddess,” aired top top June 19. The illustration is about three beautiful goddesses. Return only one of them is a true goddess, every one of the male guests and also cast members will break their backs come appease them and also prove your loyalty.


Lee Kwang-soo had constantly been well-known for date beautiful women. Additionally, us all remember that working v Lee Sung-kyung in the drama title Its Okay, That’s Love. The producer of Running man has said that as soon as they room on display together, they are qualified of creating incredible chemistry between each other.

Maybe we intended that there would be some strange tension between them due to the fact that it has actually been a long time due to the fact that the drama. Additionally, also now Lee Sung-kyung is rumored to be through Nam Joo-hyuk. Nevertheless, that is Lee Kwang-soo that actually damaged the aer situation; that made a really great connection v Lee Sung-kyung, and they were really great as a team. Lee Sung-kyung to be delighted to watch that Lee Kwang-soo made decision to stick with her, though he had momentarily hesitated. We can also see that Lee Kwang-soo appreciated taking a ride with Lee Sung-kyung, also when they space in one vehicle sitting beside each other.

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He even made a funny statement around Lee Sung-kyung in the car, around him no believing the Lee Sung-kyung is the true goddess. However, she argues that she it s her is a goddess. (They were play a game about the “true goddess,” and also the ladies had their own special compensation if they success that day: a diamond-encrusted tiara.) Also, the other actors members the Running man build up on your chemistry and made jokes. When Suk-jin said that Sung-kyung is an extremely pale, she claimed that she doesn’t yes, really tan. Kwang-soo evidenced this info instantly, i beg your pardon made anyone else concern just how does he happen to understand this.

Apart indigenous that, the producer has offered us a suggestion to focus on their love chemistry too, due to the fact that the producer has found that they space so an excellent that it makes the shoot situation end up being very an excellent and delightful. He has actually added, “before, they were working together in a drama, so maybe that’s the reason they have actually this incredible chemistry. The viewer should focus on this component too.”