If you"re in search of Felandaris in Dragon Age: Inquisition so girlfriend can finish the Letter indigenous A Lover quest, this guide will aid you out.

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Dragon age Inquisition Letter from A Lover Featured separation Image that Finding and Giving Felandaris
after ~ the prologue, the Hinterlands is most likely the an initial place you'll take trip to in Dragon Age: Inquisition. This underrated green region is filled with all species of pursuits for you to do. However, the Letter indigenous A Lover one can leave friend confused. After ~ all, to finish it, you require to acquire hold the a plant the doesn't prosper in the Hinterlands.

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Instead, girlfriend can find the herb in certain higher-level areas, i m sorry is a item of information that the game doesn't reveal. So, right here is an explanation of wherein to find the elusive Felandaris and also how to finish the rest of the quest, too.

beginning The Quest

Dragon period Inquisition Letter From mine Lover Map Location
come initiate the mission, you must find the titular letter. It resides in a camp, i beg your pardon is in the northwest area of the Hinterlands map.

Dragon period Inquisition Letter Location
The piece of record lays ~ above a bench. In the letter, the writer asks your love to lug some Felandaris to the stone Lady. Despite not gift the lover in question, you require to complete the letter's request.

wherein To uncover Felandaris

there are several ways friend can get Felandaris:

Pick it up in Emprise du Lion Pick it increase in the Arbor Wilds Randomly prey it Find that in Frostback basin (Only as part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC) Buy that from the Stone-Bear host Crafting Materials vendor (Only as component of the Jaws that Hakkon DLC) Buy that from the Winter Palace seller (Only as component of the Trespasser DLC)

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Picking Felandaris native Emprise Du Lion

Dragon age Inquisition split Image showing Felandaris Location
If you don't have actually the DLCs, climate Emprise Du Lion is arguably the best place to choose up the herb. In fact, it's among Dragon period Inquisition's best areas in general. However, it's recommended the you don't travel to the area until you're at the very least level 16. Once there, girlfriend can find some Felandaris through Elfsblood tower, i beg your pardon is the area surrounded by a frozen lake in the northern part of the map.

Dragon period Inquisition Felandaris places Within Suledin Keep
Alternatively, if you've excellent the recording Suledin keep quest, then you have the right to search stated keep as it's filled with Felandaris.

v the item of Felandaris acquired, you have the right to now take it it come the stone Lady.

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The frosting is waiting in the northwest area the the Hinterlands. However, you can't simply run come that component of the map to uncover the lady as she is an extremely high up.

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First, you must go contempt northeast the the target marker to discover an area where you have the right to start your ascent. Climate simply monitor that path around to make your way to the stone Lady.

Placing The Felandaris and also Facing The Consequences

as soon as you're in ~ the statue, you can hit the prompt come hand end the Felandaris, i m sorry completes the quest. However, you will likewise get struck by a continual Wraith. It's not amongst the ideal or strongest demons in the game, though, so friend should have the ability to take it out.