This quote, through Ziad K. Abdelnour, presents a great analogy for life. Part versions (Anonymous) that the quote read “Life is prefer a camera. Emphasis on those important. Capture the great times. Build from the negatives. And also if points don’t work out, simply take another shot.”

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In life, our camera can be the end of focus–focused on points that aren’t important. We might forget fond happy memories–to catch the good times. And after things don’t work out, we may not provide them one more shot.

But as any type of photographer can attest, the takes the best focus, a fashionable capture, and also several shots to acquire the “perfect” picture. And when it concerns several shots, that have the right to sometimes it is in in the hundreds. Photographers seldom take just one shot and call the good.

How can we use this same concept to our day to day life? Well, let’s start by examining our focus.

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Is that on what’s important? Next, what space the points we’re capturing in our minds? space we remembering the great times? And space we developing type the negatives? Finally, let’s mental that when things don’t work out the first time, we could just should take an additional shot.