Hello!I mostly work on music videos (live or music clips) or other video whiches video cuts are made exactly on the beat of music ...Unfortunately, after exporting (tried youtube setting as well as almost all "highres" settings) the audio is out of sync. As this problem exists for since i work with lightworks i learned that audio comes about 5 or 6 frames earlier than the video. So i always have to move the audio in the edit until it"s "out of sync" in lightworks, export again and see if it"s synced now. Sometimes I have to do so several times until audio is synced with the video. That"s so annoying!What can I do about it?Framerates are all the same (25fps), audio is 48hz / 16little bit ...Thanks

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The export is out of sync. I understand.When you edit within Lightworks and preview before export, is all in sync?
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Yes. When i preview my edit in lighworks everthing is fine.so let"s say all the cuts are exactly on the bassdrum, also visually the cuts are exactly made on the waveform of the audio when the bassdrum appears - in preview all is good, video is on the rhythm.when i export, the audio comes much earlier - as i said something about 5 or 6 frames. i don"t know why. my export is, same as the edit, all in 25frames.??
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It"s displayed as 25fps (it appears pale there, so i won"t be able to change it anyway)In the "video" tab in the project card the settings are:output format: 1080 / 25fpsprecision: 8 bit (recently changed it to 10bit and exported, no improvement)red decode quality: quarter resolution (does this have an effect on my export? on the audio?)hhmm, so far everything seems to be set ok, doesn"t it?any more suggestions what could be wrong?thanks
when i re-import the videos audio seems to be alright.that applies on both, youtube export setting and *.mov "highres" versions.so there"s definately something wrong during exporting my edits.
again i used the "audio 5 frames forward" method and "delayed" the audio 5 frames, so that it"s out of sync in the edit but totally on point after exporting it.strange stuff ...
Please confirm for the purposes of understanding:When you import a file (no transcode) that was previously exported from Lightworks and demonstrates out of sync, it plays fine and in sync within Lightworks?

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Hi there back. Sorry, long time passed, had a lot of non-video things to do, but the problem still exists and annoys me stiltogether ...Unfortunately i don"t really understand your latest comment on this.There"s no transcode (have no idea what this is) or any re-imports of audio files back to lightworks. I just want to work with ordinary wave files (16bit, 44.1khz) - nothing special.As i said, importing them and edting my video on the audio works fine, everything is in sync until the point i export my final video. To be more precise: the exported file is defective with out of sync audio ... at this point there"s necessetiy to go back into the program an draw the audio about 5 or 6 frames out of sync (when i remember correctly i have to pull the audio until it comes 5 or 6 frames later than the image). This is so frustrating! Isn"t there any other person having these issues with the program so there"s a solution already found for this?Again, would be very thankful to solve this!thx