For all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines, with or without turbochargers. Miscible with most commercially obtainable motor oils. For sure for use through catalytic converters and particulate filters (GPF/DPF). Materials (300 mL) is enough for 3–6 Liters (0.8 gal. to 1.6 gal.) engine oil. Not an ideal for motorcycles with wet clutches.

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Prevents and reduces hydraulic lifter noise. Cleans oil passages to remove oil flow restrictions. Restores suitable hydraulic lifter function and reduces wear.

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Hydraulic Lifter Additive 20004 300 ml deserve to sheet metal USA-EN
Hydraulic Lifter Additive 20330 300 ml deserve to sheet metal CANADA-EN-F

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Prevents and reduces hydraulic lifter noise. Cleans oil passages to remove oil circulation restrictions. Restores proper hydraulic lifter role and to reduce wear.

• damps hydraulic tappet noise• cleans valve bores• enhances the lubrication properties of the oil

Contents (300 mL) is adequate for 3–6 Liters (0.8 gal. to 1.6 gal.) engine oil. The product deserve to be included at any kind of time. ~ adding, operation the engine till warm. For a lasting effect, Liqui Moly Hydraulic tappet additive need to be added after every oil change.


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