Michael Chambers, the owner/operator of Albany’s small Red Dog House, shows off the establishment’s award-winning specialty, the scramble dog.

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staff Photo: Tom Seegmueller

ALBANY — The small Red Doghouse, one of Albany’s tiniest eateries, simply received some very big recognition.

The July worry of southerly Living magazine contains an post featuring “The South’s best Hot Dogs.” just three other warm dogs do the cut: the personality is bad Dog in Wetumpka, Alabama, The hot dog Co. In Stockbridge, and Shorty’s renowned Hot dogs in wake Forest, N.C.

The judges decided The little Red Doghouse because that its scramble dog, writing about the restaurant’s specialty: “The scramble dog is a beloved local classic in ~ this southwest Georgia warm dog hut that’s to be here due to the fact that 1981. It consists of a chopped frank and bun topped with chili, Cheddar cheese sauce, slaw, ketchup, mustard, and also oyster crackers, every in a rectangular tray. This selection is just as distinctive together the shack that offers it native a service window six job a week. Our PICK: Scramble Dog ($5).”

For those who space not warm dog aficionados, that is necessary to note that this recognition is even more significant in light of the reality that, follow to legend, the original scramble dog was served at the Dinglewood Pharmacy in Columbus. It was developed by lieutenant Charles Stevens almost 70 year ago. His scramble dog has been served at the White House during the Carter administration and has likewise been seen on tables in Saudi Arabia and also Florence, Italy.

The little Red Doghouse has actually been owned and operated by the Chambers family since 1983. Michael Chambers is the owner/operator today. The restaurant has actually fine-tuned that recipe over the year to the acclaimed version served today.

“It is based upon our homemade chili, and also we’ve retained it regular for the previous 40 years,” Chambers said.

Full disclosure: I need to admit to eat scramble dogs from the small Red Doghouse, located at 821 W. Broad Ave., top top a continual basis for an ext than 3 decades. Ns have likewise eaten them in ~ Dingles over the exact same period. I have to agree with southerly Living: they nailed it below in Albany.



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