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For the reader that is not a Jimmy Buffett fan, “Living and Dying in 3/4 Time” is the name of an album (or vinyl, in today’s lingo), too as part of the lyrics of the tune “Nautical Wheelers” (from the album titled, “A1A”). The expression, living and dying in 3/4 time has meaning to me past the words in the song. I perceive the expression to be around living life to its fullest, consisting of dancing in ~ every opportunity that presents itself, once a day at a minimum; having actually fun times; enjoying time with family and also friends; see the sights; and also whatever renders a human being happy. Life is too quick to waste that by security time with median people, or doing points I don’t want to do, or going areas I don’t want to go; instead, I prefer to use my time wisely, including at work and in my an individual life. Ns am not advocating simply waltzing with life, even though a waltz is literally in 3/4 time; rather, i am saying that us dream the desires that might one job come true, consisting of planning because that future happiness. I am a true Florida “girl” who hears a Jimmy Buffett song and plans ~ above “hangin’ on to a heat on a sailboat” while living my life in my time.


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David H. Fauss, M.S.M.

On in march 8, 2016

Category: getting the job Done, gaining Through Life and also Work, Life outside of Work, Work-Life

For Melissa and also me, music regularly takes us away to various other places. Periodically literally, when we travel to a concert in another city, state, or country. More often, figuratively together we contemplate the lyrics and also music that relocate us. Jimmy Buffett, specifically for those of us who don’t psychic sand in between the toes top top a consistent basis, hold a special place with his music v so many songs that lug smiles come our faces. And, hear the native “living and also dying in 3/4 time” is among those because that sure. So it, therefore, is a well turned phrase that records the significance of just how music is a hopeful force. Listening come music deserve to improve moods, invigorate the brain or body, and is one of those basic pleasures the life too quickly not totally appreciated. Over there is additionally much evidence of the health advantage to the brain created by music. That course, no all music conveys the very same benefits, depending on whether or not the listener appreciates a details genre or artist. But, it is fascinating just how music deserve to reach human being with dementia, with autism, and also other “brain diseases” in ways that nothing else can. So, because that those of united state not suffering in these means it have the right to do also more, in 3/4, 4/4, 6/8, 7/8, or 11/12, and beyond – depending of course, on that is beating the drum.