Simone Smith, LL Cool J’s Wife: 5 rapid Facts You should Know

Simone Smith, LL Cool Js Wife: 5 quick Facts You need to know LL Cool has actually been married to his wife y w, Simone Smith, since 1995. The pair has four kids together. Learn more about your relationship and family here.

LL Cool J9.9 Heavy.com1.9 Simone smith (Canadian editor)1.8 Instagram1.4 Grammy Award1.4 Nielsen ratings1.1 Pacific Time Zone1.1 Lip Sync Battle1 NCIS (TV series)1 Doin" that (LL Cool J song)0.9 VH10.9 The Oprah Winfrey Show0.8 Katie (talk show)0.8 need to recognize (House)0.8 Queens0.7 Simone (2002 film)0.7 Katie Couric0.7 Oprah Prime0.6 Oprah Winfrey0.6 Jimmy Kimmel0.6

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Exclusive: Why LL Cool J and also His wife Wear Lollipop Necklaces | Oprah"s following Chapter | OWN

Exclusive: Why LL Cool J and also His wife Wear Lollipop Necklaces | Oprah"s following Chapter | own LL Cool 7 5 3 isn"t the only an innovative person in his family. His mam " , Simone, developed a signature jewelry ? = ; line called Simone I. Smith, which is sold at Neiman Ma...

Oprah Winfrey Network22 LL Cool J9.4 Oprah Prime6.5 Lollipop (Lil Wayne song)5 Bitly3.7 to exclude, (album)3.5 YouTube2 The Oprah Winfrey Show1.5 Oprah Winfrey1.4 Nielsen ratings1.1 Neiman Marcus1 American Cancer Society0.9 society media0.8 Cancer survivor0.8 Cable television0.7 prime time0.6 Instagram0.6 Simone (2002 film)0.6 Lollipop (Mika song)0.6 Playlist0.6

6 engrossing truth you must know around LL Cool J"s wife Simone Smith! - Married Biography

6 engrossing facts you need to know about LL Cool J"s wife Simone Smith! - Married biography K i GSimone blacksmith is a social media star and also the owner of "Simone I. Smith" jewelry line. She is likewise the mam of American rapper LL Cool

LL Cool J11.9 Married (TV series)4.7 Simone smith (Canadian editor)4.2 society media3.1 Rapping2.6 joined States1.2 Instagram1.1 Simone blacksmith (British editor)1 Simone (2002 film)0.8 Queens0.7 Nielsen ratings0.6 American Cancer Society0.6 Cancer0.6 her (film)0.6 NCIS: Los Angeles0.6 network Worth (1995 film)0.6 Twitter0.6 Lollipop0.5 story (TV program)0.4 mommy (TV series)0.4

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5 things To Know around LL Cool J"s wife Simone I. Smith - Blavity

E A5 points To Know around LL Cool J"s mam Simone I. Smith - Blavity Simone I. Smith, the wife and also teenage sweetheart to LL Cool , knows a point or two about perseverance. Her husband made background in 2017 together the very first rapper to be well-known by the Kennedy Center, the greatest performing arts designation in the nation, an respect he likely keeps shelved between his 2 Grammys . Still, it to be Smith who lugged the rapper-actor his greatest difficulty when she to be diagnosed with bone cancer in 2004. A 14-year survivor, Smith has committed she life today to both advocacy and art. Rihanna , Martha Stewart and also the Kardashian-Jenners have all been watched dripping in Smiths jewelry R p N designs. Below are five more things come know about the mrs alongside the man:

Blavity9 LL Cool J7.6 Rapping4.8 Grammy Award2.5 Rihanna2.5 Martha Stewart2.4 Instagram1.5 Performing arts1.4 keeping Up v the Kardashians1.1 Influencer marketing1.1 Pacific Time Zone1.1 Simone (2002 film)1 mar J. Blige1 Bone tumor0.9 Op-ed0.8 Mastercard0.8 Jhené Aiko0.8 Simone (actress)0.7 Kim Kardashian0.6 Actor0.6

A =LL Cool J"s wife Simone Unveils she Signature line of jewel

LL Cool J4.6 BET4.3 Tyler Perry1.3 Simone (2002 film)1.2 Bloomingdale"s1.2 Lollipop1.2 her (film)1.1 Los Angeles1 Sistas (TV series)1 stems show1 Celebrity0.9 gambling Awards0.9 entertainment Tonight0.9 Kelly Rowland0.9 Nicole Ari Parker0.9 Regina King0.9 Angela Bassett0.9 jewelry (group)0.9 American Cancer Society0.8 i know good hop music0.7

Look earlier at LL Cool J"s wife Simone"s Cancer trip & meaning of her Lollipop Necklace

Look ago at LL Cool J"s wife Simone"s Cancer journey & an interpretation of she Lollipop Necklace Actor and rapper LL COOL "s mam Simone to win cancer and also turned her win over the dread an illness into a charitable company that raises money to find a healing

LL Cool J8.3 Rapping3.7 journey (band)3.2 Lollipop (Lil Wayne song)3 Getty Images2.7 Simone (2002 film)2.7 Cancer1.8 Actor1.6 Instagram1.1 American Cancer Society1.1 she (film)1 Chondrosarcoma0.9 Vanity fair (magazine)0.8 Cool (band)0.8 Lollipop (Mika song)0.7 Simone (actress)0.7 Simone blacksmith (Canadian editor)0.7 beat (music)0.7 Lollipop0.7 i know good hop music0.6

LL Cool J"s wife Celebrates 16 years of being Cancer complimentary in a photo with doctor & Nurse

XLL Cool J"s wife Celebrates 16 years of being Cancer complimentary in a photograph with medical professional & Nurse LL Cool "s wife reflected top top overcoming her health obstacles as she commemorated the 16th anniversary of gift cancer-free with a photograph of she doctor and nurse.

LL Cool J10.7 cost-free Marie2.5 Instagram2.4 Simone (2002 film)1.5 Cancer1.3 MC Lyte0.8 i know good hop0.7 mary J. Blige0.7 Rapping0.7 Tina Knowles0.6 entertainment Tonight0.5 Getty Images0.5 Kobe Bryant0.5 Royals (song)0.4 Simone (actress)0.4 Hollywood0.4 modern R&B0.4 Celebrity (album)0.4 American Cancer Society0.4 Chondrosarcoma0.4

"I want to Donate mine Bone": LL Cool J Will execute What it Takes to assist With His mam Simone"s Cancer surgical procedure | SurvivorNet

w"I desire to Donate my Bone": LL Cool J Will execute What it Takes to assist With His wife Simone"s Cancer surgical treatment | SurvivorNet as soon as LL Cool found out his wife l j h required surgery for her phase three bone cancer, he wanted to donate among his bones to his sweetheart.

LL Cool J8.7 Bone6.5 Surgery6 Cancer5.5 Chondrosarcoma3.5 Bone tumor3.5 OMICS posting Group3.2 Lollipop3.2 Fibula2.7 Testicular cancer2.2 American Cancer Society2.2 Tibia1.8 Minimally invasive procedure1.5 Metastasis1.2 Cancer survivor1.2 Ovarian cancer1.1 entertain Tonight1 Cancer staging1 Cartilage0.9 cabinet (biology)0.9

LL Cool J"s wife Simone Smith: interesting Facts You have to Know

E all Cool J"s mam Simone Smith: interesting Facts You require to understand LL Cool U S Q was the youngest honoree at The Kennedy center Honors gala. Find out much more about LL Cool Simone Smiths wiki, right here.

LL Cool J14 Kennedy facility Honors3.7 Simone blacksmith (Canadian editor)3.1 Pacific Time Zone2.1 Rapping2 CBS0.9 NCIS: Los Angeles0.9 Getty Images0.8 need to recognize (House)0.8 Red carpet0.7 Simone (2002 film)0.7 Hollywood0.6 Simone smith (British editor)0.6 require to know (TV program)0.6 Queens0.6 Missy Elliott0.5 mary J. Blige0.5 Rihanna0.5 The speak (talk show)0.5 Funk0.5

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