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After moving a variety of memorable public City performances transparent the years, singer Lana Del Rey performed her an initial ever arena display in Chicago tonight, in ~ the city’s historic United Center.

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Performing in support of she 2017 album, Lust for Life, Lana’s “La to the Moon Tour” bring the singer’s nostalgic charm, beautiful vocals and also catalog the singles and also fan favorites to a number of cities throughout North America. This evening was definitely no exception.

Check out photos native tonight’s performance below.

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Jhene Aiko shares Headlining “Trip” Tour
October 12, 2017 TER StaffLeave a comment


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In addition to sustaining Lana Del Rey on her big arena tour, singer Jhene Aiko will certainly be headlining a phibìc American tour of her own, with days throughout the U.S. And Canada to finish 2017.

With support from willow Smith, Kodie Shane and also more, Jhene will certainly kick off she Trip tour on November 14th in Detroit, and also will make stops in Atlanta, Toronto, Dallas, Portland, Los Angeles and also more, till the tour concludes ~ above December 27th in Honolulu.

Ticket pre-sales start today (October 12) and will go on revenue to the general public tomorrow (Friday) in ~ 10:00AM.

Check the end the dates and locations because that Jhene Aiko’s Trip tourism below.

JHENÉ AIKO 2017 north AMERICAN TOUR   Nov. 14 Detroit, MI The Majestic Theatre17 Philadelphia, PA The Trocadero Theatre19 Toronto, on The Phoenix Concert Theatre20 brand-new York, NY Irving Plaza21 silver Spring, MD The Fillmore silver- Spring24 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade (Heaven)26 Houston, TX residence of Blues27 Dallas, TX house of BluesDec. 6 Portland, OR Roseland Theater7 Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo8 Vancouver, BC Vogue Theatre10 san Francisco, CA The Regency Ballroom12 Santa Ana, CA The Observatory13 Los Angeles, CA The Novo17 san Diego, CA The Observatory phibìc Park27 Honolulu, hello The Republik

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New Music: 6LACK & Jhene Aiko Team Up for “First F*ck”
February 24, 2017 TER StaffLeave a comment


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Before that heads the end to support The Weeknd top top the Starboy: Legend that the fall Tour, Atlanta’s 6LACK has shared his brand-new collaboration through singer Jhene Aiko. Titled ‘First F*ck’, the brand new Singawd created track showcases the talent of 6LACK and also shows united state why there is no much better supporting artist for a track 보다 Aiko.

While 6LACK is still enjoying the success the his debut project, FREE 6LACK, which exit this past November, ‘First F*ck’ is an additional song to acquire excited about. And also if you favor what you hear, be sure to capture the R&B newcomer on tour with The Weeknd, which kicks turn off on April 25 in Vancouver, v stops every throughout north America.

Stream 6LACK and also Jhene Aiko’s ‘First Fuck’ teamwork below.

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Watch Jhene Aiko’s Self-Directed Visuals because that Her new Single “Maniac”
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Watch together the lovely and talented, Jhene Aiko, makes her directorial debut with visuals because that her new single ‘Maniac’. Co-directed with Topshelf Junior, the Twenty88 singer and brand-new director is one because that one v the steamy brand-new video.

And if you choose what you see and also hear, there is much more to come, together ‘Maniac’ is the an initial track from Aiko’s forthcoming, and currently untitled, sophomore LP. Aiko’s following project will certainly be the follow as much as her debut album, Souled Out, i m sorry definitely collection high expectations for fans everywhere.

Check the end the visuals because that ‘Maniac’ below.

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Photos: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa take the “High Road” in Chicago through Jhene Aiko, Kevin entrances & More
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Minutes ago, rapper and notorious tokers Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa packed the Hollywood Casino key Amphitheatre in Tinley Park, IL. Called “The High Road” Tour, not only did Wiz and Snoop carry two the the biggest weed proponents in music to Chicago (2nd and third to probably Willie Nelson), however they carried some great supporting acts, including the lovely and also talented Jhene Aiko, Kevin Gates, Casey Veggies and DJ Drama. Top to bottom, the crowd remained in for a memorable night indigenous the really beginning.

With DJ Drama keeping the crowd live between sets, up very first for the night was ‘Backflip’ rapper, Casey Veggies. Originally known for his affiliation with the Tyler The Creator-led collective, weird Future, Casey has actually been all about his solo career for rather sometime now, and has been recently enjoying the success of his 2015 debut album, Live & Grow. With attributes from Dej Loaf, Tyler The Creator, YG, BJ The Chicago Kid and also more, Veggies put out an outstanding debut last year and tonight that performed a variety of his documents from his 2015 LP.

Following Veggies opened performance, the beautiful Jhene Aiko took stage for she Chicago fans. Her favorite rapper’s favourite guest singer, Jhene Aiko has laid under some memorable vocals for everyone from Childish Gambino and huge Sean come Drake, Omarion and many more. Most recently Aiko teamed up through Sean to form their duo, Twenty88, i beg your pardon came with an 8-track EP that released previously this year. Don’t be under the impression though the Aiko only works ideal complementing the ideal rappers in the game, as her solo documents are perhaps her ideal work. This evening Aiko performed some of her best records, including ‘The Worst’ and also ‘To Love & Die’, as well as other monitor from she debut EP, Sail Out, and her 2014 debut album, Souled Out. Aiko offers a nice change of speed from the rappers that takeover the tour’s lineup, but still provides a sound the rap fans across the board can enjoy.

Next up was ‘Really Really’ and also ‘2 Phones’ rapper Kevin Gates, who carried performances indigenous his 2015 debut, ISLAH’. Entrances brought street rap directly from Louisana come Chicago tonight, and also it was an ext than fine received. Through Snoop and also Wiz’s headlining performance simply minutes away, the crowd was all set to revolve up the tempo and also Gates got the amphitheatre off your seats.

And prior to fans had actually the chance to capture their breath after gateways turned up performance, it to be time for Snoop Dogg to great his windy City fans. Opening the solo portion of his set, Snoop Dogg began things ~ above the highest note feasible by blessing fans through performances that his standard records, including ‘Gin & Juice’ and ‘Nuthin’ but a G Thang’. And also before friend knew it, was time because that Wiz to sign up with Snoop on stage. If you’d suppose two weed advocates like Snoop and also Wiz to placed on a slow-moving paced and also mellow power together, you’d be substantially mistaken together the 2 performed in addition to especially high energy (no pun intended). While Snoop and Wiz both have casual and laid earlier personalities on-stage and also off, their performance tonight was much from mellow, and also gave fans whatever they wanted and also more. 

Check the end our photos from tonight’s stop on Merry Jane’s “The High Road” Tour below.

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A collaboration between large Sean and also Jhene Aiko is something the 2016 needed. Huge Sean’s critical album Dark skies Paradise to be his best work so far, and the album the really developed his very own sound. Jhene’s critical album Souled Out dropped 2 years ago. The artists have pretty much entered hibernation due to the fact that then. The two carried together your talents to type the group “Twenty88.” It’s tough to call if Twenty88 is a one time point or if they will certainly drop more sexy R&B albums in the future.

The me titled album by Twenty88 is tied to it is in something special, one have the right to only expect this album to have beautiful high notes from Jhene and low, smooth bars native Sean around love, lust, and ex’s. The EP task is around the tension and power struggle that couples go through, only having 8 songs. ~ above the other hand, there are songs about the actual love and also passion that comes ~ those meaningless fights. Both Jhene and also Sean have had their fair share the relationships and also side pieces. This album has actually songs that are both an individual to them, and also songs that every person can relate too. There are likewise a lot of songs that people simply deserve to not called to. You only have those experience if you are at the celebrity condition of huge Sean or Jhene Aiko. The is fun to listen to several of these songs and also get a taste of what it is like to it is in in love through an A list celebrity.

Starting turn off the job is the track ‘Déjà vu.’ large Sean autumn his standard “straight up” line to start the song. As soon as you listen “straight up” you understand the tune is about to it is in lit. Through soft Drake like beats, we gain a smooth harmony between the 2 artists that provides you rewind to listen again. The track is about a memory the both Sean and also Jhene share the brings them back to the time they had with each other while they were together. The couple has been damaged up for 3 years and also are just seeing each various other again because that the first time since. Reminiscing on the past and how an excellent they to be together. Only difficulty is the it’s much too late. She already has a kid, is date an athlete, and also doesn’t have time because that him. The damage is done. The just thing they have the right to do currently it look back at what they supplied to have.

The 2nd song ‘Selfish’ is a track where the artists express how they felt around the human being playing hard to get. Sean speak on exactly how he dropped every one of his other girls for her, invested money he no have, lost sleep because that her and she doesn’t also have the time to message him back. Jhene has good reasoning because that being shady towards Sean. She asks him exactly how someone could betray and also lie to someone that had actually been v them v thick and thin. Both the them are doing things that room not healthy and balanced for the relationships.

They have actually an exciting song called ‘Talk Show.’ The track is one interview with big Sean and Jhene ~ above a renowned talk show where they space invited come talk about their relationship. They space the power pair at the time and also have to store the plot up. The beginning of the song they both say exactly how much lock love each other and how perfect lock are. Once Sean expresses his love because that Jhene she confesses the they really aren’t for this reason perfect. She calls Sean the end in front of anyone for cheating top top her. Sean bites earlier by saying the he hates once she tries to do there organization public. Gift hypocritical, he speak everyone the she also cheated top top him. This song is intended to display that just since celebrity couples look at perfect and also happy, there room usually part pretty evil things going ~ above behind the scenes.

The last song ~ above the short album named ‘London Bridge’ is about how historical it is going to be as soon as they rest up. Through out the album you watch them fall in love, get torn apart, and also then fall back in love. If one of them to be to leaving it would be as historic as once the London Bridge dropped down in the 19th century. This tune is really one that has actually one the those “happy” endings. This whole album had actually a consistent story line. If listening girlfriend felt choose you to be watching a movie.

Well guess: v what, Twenty88 decided to do a 14 minute film around the album. The quick movie titled “Out the Love” is whatever that friend would desire to check out after listening come this album. Being collection in the future friend still check out that love is that exact same whether that is 2016 or 2116. That features nearly all the songs. There space some R-Rated sex scenes and also other points that do this album the much more real. Be warned, listening come this album will bring back memories whether you favor it or not.


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Photo by Dan Garcia/The at an early stage Registration

If Wiz Khalifa and also Snoop Dogg have actually two points in common, it’s your love for rap and also their love because that weed. So that was only right that the two go on tour this summer, and also (pun intended) name it “The High Road” tour v Merry Jane as the sponsor. And also if Wiz and also Snoop weren’t reason sufficient to obtain excited for this one, lock will have some great company top top the road as the lover Jhene Aiko and also the always entertaining Kevin Gates and also Casey Veggies will sign up with them as an extremely special guests.

The tour is collection to kick turn off July 20th in West Palm Beach and also will make stops throughout north America, including Toronto, Chicago, brand-new York and many more, till the tour concludes in at an early stage September. Pre-sale starts now with the code MERRYJANE, so get your tickets below while girlfriend still can.

Check the end the tour dates for “The High Road” tour below.

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In 2014 ours Editor-in-Chief and also lead photographer Dan Garcia teamed up with Pigeons & Planes to covering Lollapalooza, live at Chicago’s provide Park. Returning to the festival the next year, Garcia gained to witness some of the best moments native the premiere festival in the past couple years. Return to grant Park this year, Lollapalooza is widening the festival to incorporate a fourth date for that 25th Anniversary, and also many expect festival organizers to relax its finest lineup however by the finish of the month. So come celebrate Lolla’s 25th Anniversary and accumulated anticipation till it’s forthcoming lineup is announced, we are sharing few of our favorite moments and photos from Lollapalooza due to the fact that our publication’s inception.

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Jhene Aiko is official back, and also this time through Los Angeles based artist, Gallant. ~ the relax of Jhene’s new record ‘B’s & H’s’ critical week, this time the Souled Out singer noted vocals along side Gallant, because that his new track ‘Skipping Stones’. Just a couple days away from Gallant’s two-track digital release this Friday (February 5th), ‘Skipping Stones’ is a great collaboration native Aiko and the exciting arising singer.

Stream ‘Skipping Stones’ below.

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New Music: Childish Gambino, Vince Staples & Jhene Aiko Team Up because that “Waiting because that My Moment”


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Childish Gambino and the beloved Jhene Aiko have paired up again, for another amazing record. This time teaming up with lengthy Beach rapper, Vince Staples, the trio merged talents for Ryan Coogler’s brand-new film “Creed”, a sequel come the Rocky franchise. Co-written through Gambino’s friend and also producer Ludwig Goransson, every little thing from the instrumentals to the lyrics and also vocals because that this new track, titled ‘Waiting because that My Moment’, will provide you chills. This is the an initial new monitor from Gambino and Aiko both, in quite some time, for this reason stream the now and cross your fingers as the record has actually been submitted for the “Best initial Song” group of the Oscars. This may bring about an Oscar nomination (or more) to monitor Bino’s an initial set the Grammy nominations from critical year.

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Stream ‘Waiting for My Moment’ below.

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