10 "Look just how They Massacred mine Boy" memes We Love The Godfather birthed among the internet"s most resilient memes with the immortal heat "Look exactly how they massacred my boy". Below are some of the best.

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Francis Ford Coppola"s The Godfather is concerned as one of the greatest movies of every time. It premiered in New York City on in march 15, 1972. 48 years haven"t to be able come dim the relationship of this classic gangster period-drama.

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At the heart of The Godfather is the Corleone crime family headed by Marlon Brando"s Vito Corleone. Founder, patriarch, and also the many powerful Mafia don in the country, Vito is a man of few but impactful words. That is grieved once his oldest, impulsive son, Sonny Corleone is eliminated in an ambush by Don Barzini"s men. Lamenting Sonny"s bullet-riddled body, Vito Corleone says the impactful words, "Look exactly how They Massacred mine Boy." The Godfather has left a huge imprint on renowned culture. The fact that these memorable words have actually been turned into hilarious memes shows its modern significance.

20th Century TV Look exactly how They Massacred My young meme
In 2019, Walt Disney gained the global entertainment firm 20th Century Fox. After ~ the landmark deal went through, Disney rebranded the 20th Century Fox TV as 20th Television. By dropping the name "Century" and also "Fox," Disney brought an end to one of the greatest names in the Television industry.

This meme without doubt is a perfect fit due to the fact that making alters to the dearly held Fox logo is anguishing for so plenty of people throughout the world.

Bubble wrap pop-less Look just how They Massacred My young meme
In 2015, the manufacturer of bubble Wrap, Sealed wait Corporation presented a brand-new version the the packaging product without the signature popping sound. In every honesty, the 2 versions looked tantamount from one another, but people weren"t also pleased to hear balloon Wrap was going pop-less. Although Sealed Air continued to face outrage also after the assured fans it would proceed to make the timeless version alongside the newer version.

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Also, in response, fans determined to illustrate their disappointment and grief with the "Look exactly how They Massacred mine Boy" meme.

The Godfather Look how They Massacred My boy meme
any bibliophile, if sentimentally attached to a book, will be able to relate come this meme. Even though humorous in nature, that encapsulates the specific same feeling of a human who lent a favorite book but obtained it ago in a take it condition.

Memes have come to be a means for human being to cope with stress, grief, or in this case, damages caused to a loved book!

7 Stabbing Erasers

The Godfather Look just how They Massacred My young meme
The "Look just how They Massacred my Boy" meme functions well for varied situations. In this respect, the entire elementary college experience! human being who helplessly observed their girlfriend poke pencils or carve things out of their erasers would have the ability to relate to this meme.

Though the image still from The Godfather is a disastrous reminder of Sonny Corleone"s assassination at the lengthy Beach Causeway, it"s utterly hilarious how it likewise has relevance to the eraser-stabbing joke.

The web is but a domain full of savage mim poking funny at people who have been rejected by your crushes.

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The "Look how They Massacraed my Boy" picture speaks particularly to overly intellectual, albeit socially awkward boys who have actually a hard time asking girls out. Gift shot under is difficult as the is, but having a image commemorate the totality experience is simply plain brutal. Because that what it"s worth, rejection isn"t tied to self-worth and also one"s integrity.

5 Low-Quality Memes

The thing about distorted memes is the they room barely recognizable from their previous selves.

Deep-fried memes, together they are frequently known, are reposted over and also over again come the suggest they become grainy and washed-out. Once memes are consistently reposted ~ above Instagram and/or Twitter, lock keep gaining compressed as result of excessive amounts of distortion. The humor lies in the reality that the reposted mim are nowhere your original quality, therefore no one shouldn"t it is in posting them at all.

The "Look exactly how They Massacraed mine Boy" picture holds definition for people who have helplessly watched as their jokes were stolen and retold by those around them.

Not only is stealing jokes an unjust and despicable act yet it have the right to be fairly painful to it is in in the exact same room when the hoax thief is applauded. However inconsequential the theft maybe, a stolen hoax is constantly a resource of misery for the person who initially came up through it.

3 Bob The Builder"s Revamp

A cult favorite series, Bob the Builder ran between the year 1998 and 2012. It had actually an everlasting affect on youngsters who watched it in the noughties. Bob the Builder traced the story that a structure contractor Bob, his partner Wendy and his gang of anthropomorphic work vehicles such as Scoop, Muck, and Lofty.

In 2015, the revamped version of Bob the Builder make a comeback and fans weren"t too pleased through the changes in Bob"s design. In the rebooted version, Bob looked choose a ghost of his former caricature. Disappointed fans find the original variation irreplaceable and the modernized variation unacceptable.

What go a Sicilian say around putting pineapples top top pizza? Cinema"s disastrous hero, Vito Corleone calls that a massacre. Because that there is no much better way to damage Italy"s savory dish than to placed a tropical fruit on it.

The question of even if it is pineapple is one appropriate pizza topping proceeds to polarize the world. Apart from the fact that the practice is inauthentic, any self-respecting Italian (Godfather included) wouldn"t involved terms with it. Of every the poor things that might have taken place to pizza topping, pineapples are just the worst.

1 an international Warming

worldwide warming is among the greatest comes to of the 21st Century. The scientific agreement points to the rising concentration of greenhouse gas emissions from human task as the biggest reason of climate change.

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Amidst growing global calls for action, and tackling climate change as a matter of global justice, Godfather"s words drive the point home. The situation is for this reason troubling because that so plenty of that Marlon Brando"s expression the grief perfectly sums up people"s feelings on the subject through some bittersweet humor.