Twice a year, 2 seasons, two months of misery as we attempt our best to avoid hitting the clouds of lovebugs in our car’s path. Yes, it is that time of the year aget as soon as the popular lovebugs are out in full force.

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What are they?

Lovebugs are a species of fly and are additionally recognized as March flies. Other nicknames offered to the insect: honeymoon fly, double-headed bug, and kissybug. They are not native to Florida, however have remained in the state considering that 1949. Florida has two distinct lovebug seasons: spring (April-May) and late summer (August-September). The adult flights last for 4 to five weeks each season and although the insects are harmless, they can be a detriment to our cars. The clouds of lovebugs alengthy and near highmethods and roadways can number in the numerous thousands. As we drive through them, their tiny bodies splat versus the grill, the hood, and also the windshield. If left for any type of period of time, the acidity from their bodies, particularly the females egg masses, can etch auto paint jobs. They deserve to additionally perform damages by clogging vehicle radiators and decrease driver visibility to a suggest wbelow you would think you were driving through a winter white-out, other than it’s spring – in Florida.

What carry out they eat?

The insects are harmless other than being a major annoyance while driving, walking, jogging, or riding a bike. They perform not bite, sting, or reason us any type of real injury. They are quite suited to our warm, humid climate. Lovebugs spend the majority of their life in the larval stage, living in grassy locations and feeding on dead vegetation and also organic issue – living composters.

lovebug larvae

Once they pupate right into an adult, the insects feed on flower nectar in the time of their short life: three days for the males and approximately salso days for females. They absolutely live approximately their name – they spend the majority of their adult life in a mating love-organize. The female usually mates via just one male, yet tbelow is fierce competition between males. Aggreentrances of males deserve to be seen trying to dislodge the preferred male so they can attempt to mate through the female. The successful male stays attached to the female, also via death. The male is only dislodged when the female is prepared to lay her eggs.What attracts them?

Warm Temperatures Required. Lovebugs deserve to only fly in temperatures over 68 degrees Fahrenheit, so they are active largely in between the hours of 10am and also 4pm. Besides warmth, they are additionally attracted to exhaust fumes from cars and lawnmowers. So, it have to be no surpclimb to check out swarms of lovebugs at busy traffic intersections in the time of the day, surrounding idling cars waiting for the light to adjust.

lovebugs congregating on residence

Light Colors. Adult lovebugs are attracted to light-colored surdeals with and seem to be specifically fond of freshly painted surencounters. Many kind of experienced painters will refuse to paint a home’s exterior in the time of lovebug season. They may likewise refuse to paint the internal of a new construct if it calls for having to leave the doors and also home windows open up.Lovebug Controls

There are many biological controls of lovebug larvae however limited organic controls for the adults. Birds, spiders, and other insect predators uncover the lovebug larvae quite tasty. The adult lovebugs escape predations bereason of their acidic taste. There are no insecticides labeled for use versus the insect, so the ideal point to do is prepare for the lovebug blitz.

How to Prepare for the Lovebug Blitz:A great coat of wax on your car currently will go a long method in protecting the car’s paint.Use a hood air deflector or display screen to mitigate the number of bugs that make call via your hood or windshield.Carry additional water and a squeegee, towel, or paper towels in your auto to wash the bugs off your windshield. Using your washer fluid and also wipers will certainly just smear bug components throughout your home window.

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How to Remove Lovebugs from your Car:First point to remember – You have the right to avoid damage to the car’s paint if you rerelocate the lovebug splatter within 20 minutes.Use a high-push water spray to rerelocate the bulk of the insectsWash your vehicle through warm, soapy waterFor spot treatments– lay a wet towel across the bug splatters for roughly 5 minutes to sregularly and then gently scrub off the staying bug partsPlace a wet dryer sheet across the splatters for 5 minutes then gently wipe up the bug parts. Be mindful not to scrub – vigorous cleaning might scratch the paint project.If lovebugs acquire right into your car – resist the urge to squish. They can stain the upholstery. Either capture and release or vacuum up the insect.

Although lovebugs deserve to be quite frustrating to the day-to-day commuter or the avid cyclist, the seakid is short and also will certainly be over in about 5 weeks. So being proactive and also taking measures to protect your car’s end up will certainly help ease the frustrations of lovebug seachild. We are fortunate to live in such a beautiful location, so just attempt and also remind yourself that not a lovebug lasts forever!

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