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Love Live! school idol project. DVD bundled v the debut CD single of the fan-voted idol project.(Source: AniDB)

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ns was the town hall this ironically v 2 friends over a Zoom contact when my brothers walked in and asked "Are you watching 3-D waifus??!" anyone in the call was laughing so hard that we couldn't pay fist for many of it, however the computer animation is like what friend would mean from love live, with many 'live'ly choreography. However, once you add the mediocre tune that is Bokura no Live Kimi come no Life, it just brings a hilarious combination honestly. I started watching Love Live ironically together a joke and also School Idol job was fine, yet Sunshine made me snicker and also laugh out loud so numerous times it was tough to honestly keep watching serious which is why mine opinion that the music video clip is not that high. Don't clock this uneven you choose waifus, make anime memes, are watching ironically, or legitimately prefer Love Live. Overall, also though this I had actually a the majority of fun city hall w/ friends and also meming around, this is no something I would certainly actually consider to include to also to my trashy playlists on Spotify or Youtube, particularly when I'll remember the quote "Are girlfriend watching 3-D waifus??!" ns would only play this together a hoax or a troll similar to a rick Roll, however if you carry out like this kinda thing, play the on loop every you want!!