Twitter can be challenging to monitor sometimes, however it's pretty basic to decipher the resource of Melika's wrath.

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She's goin in HARD.

You don't fuck through melika. Everyone IN BUCKHEAD KNOWS the you naked mole rat lookin ass fraud

Talking in third person, LOL.

The producers fucked me left and also right through the editing. Lock postponed my exit. Posesthe them. I've relocated on. I am happy in a relationship.

I 100% believe her that the producers had actually her stay longer than she want for the drama. These life time producers seem favor the sleaziest in the game.

All the nastiness we're not allowed to spew right here (rightfully) have the right to be enjoyed vicariously through Melika's tweets. Ns confess I got giddy as a school girl simply reading them, particularly if done through Melika's rather monotoned, condescending voice.

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Lots of hard talk native Melika ... I.e., "You don't fuck v Melika." Yet, she had plenty of chances to sound off around David and also her disdain for him throughout the follow-up show, but she merely sat over there wordlessly. In ~ one point she said Rachel that she had actually "lots" come say around David, yet after being offered multiple opportunities to expound ~ above that, she stated nothing. When asked by David if she wanted a second chance with him, she simply nervously claimed something like, "Let's relocate on." She had actually a gold opportunity come voice she opinions ~ above the air, however all she did was role her eyes and also make veiled innuendos about him. She can have served his head ~ above a platter, but her ideal shot was raising her hand as soon as asked if David had tried to reach the end to her exterior of filming. Currently she's on Twitter phone call David a "naked mole rat lookin ass fraud", accusing him of only having actually a 4" (bleep), and making funny of his this while threaten to have David banned indigenous every bar in town since "she to know everyone." Where space the facts? Why didn't she call the civilization what really bothered her around David when she had actually such a golden opportunity? It's no wonder David still think he has a possibility with her ... Melika speaks the end of both sides of she mouth. Don't get me wrong, i am not defending David here. I actually believed he acted choose a complete tool on the show and he deserved even much more crap than he acquired from all of the women. I just discover it amusing the Melika is so "brave" behind Twitter once she could have slammed David come the ground in human being to a national TV audience, yet instead satellite demurely and also said nothing. The various other women had no problem voicing your disgust right to his face, yet Melika determined to save it because that Twitter. Ns wonder if, in hindsight, she desire she had actually been a little much more vocal once the cameras were rolling. I'm fairly sure the TV the town hall audience would have loved come hear much more from her, but instead she decided to save it for later on to hurl hateful insults ~ above Twitter. Wasted possibility in my opinion.