Received from: none <Rannoch: Crash site> or C-SEC officer <Citadel: Presidium Commons>

Unlocked by: You will have the ability to start this mission while completing Rannoch: Admiral Koris key quest or when visiting the Citadel after ~ Priority: The Citadel #2 key quest.

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The 2nd option is to overhear the C-SEC officer"s conversation throughout one of your visits come the Citadel after perfect Priority: The Citadel #2 main quest. The turian is standing in the Apollo cafe in <Citadel: Presidium Commons> and also you"ll uncover out the he is trying to achieve a target jamming an innovation developed by the geth. Give the data come the C-SEC officer in stimulate to end up this quest.

Notice - If you"ve let go the console with the data throughout Rannoch: Admiral Koris main quest, climate you can finish this mission in one alternative method by going come the Spectres office located in <Citadel: Citadel Embassies> and also purchasing the data v credits.

Prizes for completing the mission:

<30 EXP><1000 credits>War asset <Citadel Defense Force>


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