ATLANTA: On December 14, 2016, the “Metro-Atlanta Task pressure for the Homeless” hosted a press briefing to discuss the recent alarming and dangerous circumstances facing the task Force and threats come its inhabitants. For more than 20 years the Task pressure has owned and operated a homeless shelter in downtown Atlanta because that Atlanta’s poor and also struggling citizens. Now Mayor Kasim Reed and also the Atlanta Police Department, for all intents and purposes, are attempting to pressure the Task force from its location by shamefully even making the very lives the Task force staff and also residents vulnerable. The Task pressure is calling for involved Atlantans to instantly call the Mayor’s Office (404-330-6100) and also Police cook Turner’s Office (404-906-9825 or 404-906-0125) and also demand protection for the residents and guests the the homeless shelter.

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Recently for the an initial time ever before there were gunshots fired directly into the Task pressure building. While nobody was hurt, still this unprecedented occurrence has actually alarmed residents, staff and also board members. The concern is how and also why walk this happen and many suggest their fingers directly at the city’s Mayor and the police room itself.

The employee of the task Force also revealed that also though there is an Atlanta Police Precinct office directly across the street from the job Force structure on Peachtree Street and Pine Street in Atlanta, there is plainly a directive from the higher-ups in Atlanta come not defend the Task force residents and also building.
Listen come Task pressure board member Joe Beasley as he explains the job Force background and present appalling negligence ~ above the part of market Reed and the Police room to defend its citizens: 


Some staff members stated that they had actually been informed by some in the police department the if they, together police officers, assist the Task force they will be removed from that precinct.
Others likewise informed us that it shows up there is a deliberate effort to encourage those selling illegal medicine in the area to find close come the task Force structure to denigrate the neighborhood, cast a negative light top top the job Force, make the residents an ext vulnerable and to basically force the Task force out the its building by linking drugs and also violence come the Task pressure itself. To show this intent, at the press conference we were additionally told the some have actually witnessed the police observing the medicine sellers approximately the Task force building and have no done anything about this as they would in other locations of Atlanta.
As executive Director Anita Beatty wisely said us, the Task pressure recognizes that many drug sellers room in require of help as well, but that the Task force has rules and regulations that will certainly not allow residents to have guns and also illegal medicine on the premises.
Listen to executive, management Director Anita Beatty together she offers an upgrade on pressure against the Task force by the government and corporate Atlanta. As she also notes that even though the city appears to it is in attempting to marginalize and also malign the job Force, still, top top a regimen basis, the City of Atlanta sends plenty of of those in dire have to the Task pressure for assistance as there is no other entity in the city that will certainly take them in and has the wherewithal to assist them!


For year there have actually been entities partnering v the City government to remove the Task force shelter from the Peachtree and Pine location. The Task pressure has, in fact, remained in foreclosure for some 6 years. Yet, for this reason far, the Task force has winner in the court – in specific in the Georgia can be fried Court in 2015 – here is short information around this:
(From Atlanta steady News) This morning, Monday, November 23, 2015, the can be fried Court the Georgia authorize a ruling that is favorable to the metro Atlanta Task force for the Homeless, upholding prior an introduction judgment rulings, and also paving the means for a trial on the merits that the case.
The task Force claims that main Atlanta Progress, Manny Fialkow, and also other individuals and also entities conspired to sabotage the job Force, through depriving the of funds and also maneuvering the organization right into foreclosure so that a member of the conspiracy could acquire the building.

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Beatty has inferred that part entities in the city will on occasion have “operatives” come spy on the organization as a further attempt to threaten the task Force. Lurking top top the corner prior come the push conference on December 14 was George Chidi, who is on staff of theCentral Atlanta progression as that “social affect director”. That did not attend the press conference.
To further demonstrate this corruption through Atlanta’s well-off elite, board member Joe Beasley mentioned that the Task force was available $11 million if they would certainly leave your site. This sell was coupled with a non-disclosure directive. The Task pressure refused the offer and opted instead to continue serving Atlanta citizens in need!
Listen come Task pressure Board member Myrtle Davis – former Atlanta City board of directors Member – speak about how neighborhoods are defended except because that the Task pressure for the Homeless! shame on Atlanta!

In conclusion, ns personally want to thank the “Metro-Atlanta Task pressure for the Homeless” for its tireless commitment all these plenty of tears to those in need!!! as one who has actually traveled and lived in many parts of the human being I acknowledge that what provides a city or country “great” is the inclusion, kindness and also compassion that its people and also officials offer to all of its citizens regardless of race, religious beliefs or financial status. And also to certain this is the case it take away vigilance ~ above the part of every citizens. Atlanta still has a lot come learn!

Below is the push statement indigenous the Task force that providesmore details around their concerns:_______