The Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (FMF) and Soccer joined Marketing (SUM) this day announced the the Mexican national Team will battle Nigeria ~ above Saturday, July 3 at 7:30 p.m. PT, in ~ the historical Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (LA Coliseum). This will be the fourth day of the 2021 MexTour this summer, authorized Dallas, Atlanta, and Nashville on tourism ahead the the ar top national team competition, the Concacaf yellow Cup, which starts July 10. The Los Angeles complement is being staged in cooperation with significant League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football club (

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Tickets because that LA complement will go on sale to the general public top top Thursday, may 27, at 10 a.m. Neighborhood time through Seats are currently on sale for the various other MexTour matches. Pan in attendance will certainly be compelled to adhere to all MexTour, stadium and also local health guidelines. MexTour fans can publication their hotel accommodations to the complement through the main MexTour hotel link,

Fans are motivated to pre-register because that future ticket information - and the possibility to have an initial access to purchase restricted ticket inventory - through visiting, the ultimate fan location page v the latest info related to the tour, including the complete schedule, on-sale dates, match me guide and activities, public health and safety FAQ’s, events, and more. Also, fans have the right to visit the official Mexican national Team U.S. E-store,, featuring the latest team gear, including jerseys, official team merchandise and also more. Information concerning ticket sales will be accessible closer come the events.

One that America’s legendary sporting activities venues, the LA Coliseum has hosted several significant international football competitions, including 1996 Olympic Soccer and also Concacaf gold Cup matches, and numerous MexTour games. The iconic and recently renovated stadium has actually a contemporary capacity that 77,500, including the Scholarship club Tower through premium high-back padded society seats, loge boxes with table company overlooking the field and the to exclude, Lou Galen Club. Mexico last went to the LA Coliseum on may 27, 2017 in a game versus Croatia.

African powerhouse Nigeria has qualified for six of the last 7 FIFA human being Cups. In 5 all-time games against Mexico, the “Super Eagles” have actually tied four and lost once. The two teams last met in Atlanta in 2014, playing to a 0-0 draw.

Mexican nationwide Team U.S. Tour matches have become one the the many popular events within the sport, v an median of roughly 60,000 fans per enhance in the critical decade. The Mexican national Team matches permit the team come prepare for important competitions choose the FIFA people Cup and Concacaf gold Cup and also reach their fervent fan base throughout North America. A 2020 study by Equation Research figured out 60 million fans of the Mexican nationwide Team in the unified States, contributing come the rising attendances and home team environment in urban throughout the country.

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The Mexican national Team U.S. Tour, funded by adidas, Allstate, AT&T, Bud irradiate Seltzer, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Gran Centenario, honey Nut Cheerios, lucky Charms, Procter & Gamble, Nissan, The home Depot, and Wells Fargo, will certainly visit assorted cities across the United says in 2021 and also be broadcast nationally ~ above the Univision family members of networks and also Fútbol de Primera Radio Network. repurchase Ismael Tajouri-Shradi from Charlotte FC In Exchange because that $400,000 In general Allocation Money