Hey folks! It's time for our consistent installment that ridiculously hyperbolized hypothetical cases taken from the NationStates online game, the place where you have actually the possibility to it is in the leader of a nation of her own, i m sorry you can freely steer right into the dirt if you favor (as happens many often). Last time, the controversy was about whether leaking vital government cables ~ above WikiSpills by El Denunciante provides him a battle criminal or a champion the truth and democracy. You males overwhelmingly sustained the place of reporter Buffy Smith, who suggested in favor of transparency that government. However now the problem is fairly different, and also in the heart of critical month"s topic, politics correctness.

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The IssueInsert nation Name's TV soaps - famous around the an ar - have come under fire for their lack of ethnic diversity.The Debate1. "Every night mine family and also I sit under to watch 'The Brash and also the Backstabbing'," claims devout TV viewer Maximilian Huntington-Bing. "But where are the Lilliputians prefer myself? Where room the Bigtopians? The Marche Noirians? civilization from those cultures can be simply as brash and also backstabbing, however we never see lock on the screen. The federal government must action to eliminate this silent apartheid from our TV screens."


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"Those Lilliputians don't understand how good they have actually it," states Eysteinn MacFartsson, spokesperson because that the Bubblebobbians versus Ethnic Stereotyping. "Bubblebobbians room on tv all the time, but constantly in crude, stereotypical roles. The price is no to enforce country quotas, yet to award federal government prizes because that the optimistic portrayal of minorities. That'll work-related better, and also be cheaper, too."

"The government should carry out what now?" gasps TV studio executive, management Randolfa Golfswinkel. "You've obtained to be kidding. We make soaps here, not documentaries. I should have the ability to put whichever characters I want into my shows. Quotas! government prizes! God save me! Hasn't the government gained anything far better to do? Why don't castle just earlier off and let the market, er, i mean society work out these points on the own?"