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SynopsisSummoning ceremonies deserve to freely speak to forth also "those i m sorry lurk in the depths past the gods." One boy has actually top-level ability even amongst the cutting-edge summoners who have the right to use those ceremonies. He is "Alice (with) Rabbit" aka Shiroyama Kyousuke. However this strongest young summoner has a solitary fatal weakness. Certain "cursed words" spoken by girls: "Help me."When Kyousuke hears those words native Meinokawa Higan, a girl brought to the verge the death, the throws himself into a city whereby three good summoner forces clash!(Source: Baka-Tsuki)


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Kamachi's job-related - Mitou shoukanI love see MC's suffer, cause it is the pain and also struggle that make the final victory every the sweeter, and if castle fail along the method it still renders a good tragedy to watch. Sadly many authors in the LN sector don't seem to understand that, great thing we have actually Kamachi come enjoy.Story - 8The setting is an alternative future, in which mankind have arisen a method to summon gods and also mystical beings as weapons utilizing the blood sign routine (which works sort of like a video game of pool), the ritual have countless restrictions that need to never be broken or else disastrous an outcome would strike.Kyousuke, ours MC is among the strongest summoners in the civilization with the location . He was the result of trying to create a group of ultimate summoners. However when he got to the age of 10, he and also his other 14 "siblings" who had actually all been sealed in the experiment chamber since they to be little, produced the World-Sewing Summon Ritual, and also managed to summon The White Queen, biggest of every summons, with no restrictions unlike the blood authorize ritual. The result would be catastrophic that drove every 15 of them insane in different ways, killed fifty percent of them and cause troubles to occur all over the world.Now Kyousuke must deal with the problems that throw at him and also hope that someday he deserve to kill The White Queen and also fix every little thing (which everyone consisting of the bottom the his very own heart to know is impossible).Character - 8Combine Accel and also Touma, eliminate the positive outlook from the mixture, crank increase the "MUST save PEOPLE" setting and to water a entirety bunch the misery right into the mixture. The an outcome is Kyousuke, a depressed save-holic, that can't revolve down human being asking that to conserve them and also once done he cuts his ties through them. His to represent the hare in Alice in Wonderland, top the girls who are lost in the mystical people of summoners back to their continuous life. The reality summoners can not be remembered method it is a thankless job because the world he aid would forget about him after he cut his tie through them.White Queen is the ultimate summon the is unbeatable, once Kyousuke and also the rather summoned her, they each acquired an facet of she imprinted top top them, the part Kyousuke gained was "love". The White Queen is yandere because that him, and also not in the cute or rotate you on form of way, she is yandere in the "Force friend to cut off your very own hand, and scribble love letters in your blood while friend bleed out and also driven crazy". Kyousuke, like a common person, had spent every living 2nd of his life regretting summoning her as soon as he to be young and dreams of sooner or later killing her and also atoning for every the chaos he caused due to the fact that of his naivety. But his struggle just makes she "LOVE" him all the more. One unbeatable sadistic monster, and the source of all misery in Kyousuke's life.Enjoyment - 9I love it, the town hall Kyousuke hack his very own hand off, clock him screaming like a mad guy at the vision of White Queen, city hall his sister allude out the he isn't together sane as he think the is, and watching him hacking his very own hand turn off while screaming, is simply so enjoyable. Nevertheless of the outcome, the path causing it sure is a blast, and also Kyousuke suffering is simply so funny to watch, at an initial you may think he is favor Tatsuya-stu or Kirito-stu, but really he is more close to an abused bunny, whose sadistic owner wouldn't allow him walk free.Overall - Yandere/10 (8/10)The king the shounen LN delivers again, all prayer The divine Writing an equipment who write far better than 90% that LN human being author.