We offer a multi-specialty and also interdisciplinary technique to the diagnosis and management of patients via Telemedicine through TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, orofacial pain, neck and ago pain, and the persistent, excruciating pain connected with headaches.

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Review MN Head & Neck ache Clinic
Read our recent news around patients v TMJ disorders, orofacial pain, neck and ago pain, and also headaches pain native The Minnesota Head and Neck Clinic.

How to conquer psychological distress prompted by TMJ Dysfunction. It deserve to be challenging to remain positive throughout TMJ treatment when suffering from face, head, or neck chronic pain. Steps to overcome TMJ Dysfunction and also related psychological distress.


Can TMJ be resolved without surgery? correctly! Non-surgical TMJ therapy OptionsA non-surgical TMJ treatment method is an ext conservative and also is based on the distinctive needs of every patient.


What is a pains Disorder? Or What is a pains Syndrome? This disorder or syndrome is chronic pain experienced by a patience in one or more areas. Risk factors play a significant role in just about all chronic illnesses and particularly chronic pain; therefore why not train the patient at the exact same time together you law the patient. The health and wellness professional’s duty then becomes among transformation, among helping a human being really change their entire lives, or whatever factors may be contributing come health and wellness, follow to James R. Fricton DDS MS.

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Our providers have been helping patients v headaches and also Myofacial Pain problems for over three decades

A committed team indigenous the areas of medicine, dentistry, psychology, and also physical therapy build individualized treatment programs for each of our patients

Every patient that walks in our door receive an individualized pain relief plan at the greatest level the care

ours mission is to carry out high-quality, reliable patient care for head and neck disorders with a multispecialty, interdisciplinary method designed to alleviate pain and improve function for all our patients.