Season 4, episode 1 The Dark woodland Revealed

The intends members space in a race to flee the Dark Forest before it tears the team apart. After a heart-wrenching wellness update native Trapper, the guys set out to discover an old barn that holds the key to all the answers they so no hope need.

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Season 4, episode 2 The Waya woman of Jackson county

Dead chickens, creepy alters and also Wild Bill"s high college nickname are all on full screen as the intends team hunts under a monstrous wolf creature lurking in the cornfields that Jackson County, West Virginia.

Season 4, episode 3 The an enig of the Blue residence

After making several shocking explorations in the cornfields of Jackson County, WV, the intends team continues their search for the fact surrounding the Waya woman at an exit blue house with a terrifying history.

Season 4, illustration 4 The Silver large of Boone county

The aims team sets turn off after a huge bear creature recognized as the silver Giant. They build their largest trap come date yet soon learn the behemoth beast might not be the only mysterious creature roaming the hills the Boone County.

Season 4, episode 5 The Cherokee fatality Cat

The intends team proceeds their quest to gain to the bottom that the legend the Spearfinger as they set off to investigate the Cherokee fatality Cat, a ferocious feline with a fatal curse.

Season 4, episode 6 The secret of the fatality Cat Barn

The intends team investigates the secret barn native which they heard the roar that the Cherokee fatality Cat. Their pursuit to capture the ferocious feline leader to a shocking exploration no one is ready for.

Season 4, illustration 7 The Coyote King

The aims team realizes they might be up against much more than simply the fatality Cat once they find an enormous canine is stalking the hollows of Cherokee County, north Carolina.

Season 4, episode 8 The Return of Trapper

The aims team meets with their team leader Trapper, who renders them establish they have actually been missing a huge clue. Climate they head ago to Ashe County, north Carolina, in search of the Cherokee Devil, which shortly proves to it is in too lot for Huckleberry.

Season 4, illustration 9 The an enig of the Red burned

The aims team sets turn off to track down among the cloaked figures at the heart of the secret of Spearfinger. Willy and Wild invoice sneak under for a recon mission, and also the team realizes the vital to their quest is in the absent overhang and also the red shed.

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Season 4, episode 10 The Twisted Torch

The aims team searches because that Jeff after he is drawn away through a mysterious cloaked figure. Your frantic hunt leads them to a pair of carefully crafted torches that shed light on the Cherokee folklore bordering Spearfinger.




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