The relocate It! shake It! Mouskedance It! Street Party began running up and down main Street USA in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in January 2019. It is component of “Mickey and also Minnie’s surprise Celebration, i m sorry takes ar throughout the park and celebrates our favourite mice transforming 90.

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The move It! shower It! Mouskedance It! Street Party is an absolute gem.

So what IS the “Move It! shake It! Mouskedance It! Street Party”?

Though we tend to describe it together a parade, “street party” yes, really is a much better phrase. Featuring five floats and some dancers in in between each, the relocate It! shower It! Mouskedance It! Street Party is lot smaller 보다 a typical Disney Parks parade. The route mirrors this; rather of passing with multiple lands, it actions off near the fire station in the Magic Kingdom’s town Square, transforms left to continue up main Street, USA toward the hub, parks approximately the hub for the “party” part of “street party”, and returns earlier down key Street in the opposite direction.

It isn’t in reality an entirely brand-new event, either. Beginning in 2009, the park ran move It! shiver It! Dance and Play It! numerous times daily; it got some some tiny updates and a new name in 2014: move It! shower It! celebrate It!

Be sure you watch move It! shower It! Mouskedance it! from the right location if you desire to run in the street v your favorite characters!

Should we setup to view it?

I’ll it is in honest. In the past, we might have captured a glimpse that the street parties here and also there, however it was never ever a priority to stop and also participate. If anything, the fact that it ran through the hub lot of times every day was sometimes taken into consideration an annoyance.

I’m currently a bit unsure whether that’s because they weren’t as funny or if – probably much more likely – we just never gave the predecessors a same chance.

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So once a dear actors Member friend of ours said he to be “so excited for my children to see” this one, ns was a little confused. The much more he go on around it, though, the more I chose we’d have to make that a priority ~ above the following trip.

And i made outfits that sort of matched. Due to the fact that apparently i can’t execute anything halfway. (I have the right to avoid doing stuff completely just fine, say thanks to you, yet that’s a various topic…)


I’m for this reason glad us did! i think I’ll need to refresh my memory with some YouTube videos, however this one simply felt… different. Possibly it’s the live vocalists (a very first for this sort of “parade” in ~ the Magic Kingdom). Maybe it’s the truth that simple dance moves room taught come everyone, giving guests a method to relocate without having actually to be an innovative