l> "Mr. Potato Head conserves Veggie Valley" walkthrough

"Mr. Potato Head conserves Veggie Valley" walkthrough

"Mr. Potato Head saves Veggie Valley" is a straightforward game because that 3-6 year olds. But, it has actually some components that space pretty non-intuitive, at least for ours family. So, here"s a walkthrough, in situation you ever before get stuck/frustrated:After the early stage animation, choose up the heap of leaves alongside the "pumpkin" sign, and then take it the road significant "to the fair".Walk previous the home with the well, till you gain to irma eggplant.Open her backpack, click on the leaves, and also feed them to the caterpillars. Store going.Now you pertained to the annoying troll. That tells friend you have to be "dressed choose a imperial queen". Click on the small potato-head icon in the lower left. And put top top a) the robe native the left column, and b) the crown indigenous the appropriate column,Get across the field to the same by clicking a square in ~ a time. To get into the fair, dress choose a cow, or a clown, or whatever - the small chalkboard next to the barker will tell girlfriend what you need to put on.Yay, you"re in ~ the fair!

You space taken to the aircraft stand, whereby you"re said what you require to get - 2 helmets, a picture, a propeller, and crunchy food. You"re no told around the fifth thing, really - you also have to get the cloud.

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click top top the popcorn stand, clcik top top the "popcorn" sign, and you obtain popcornfor the helmets,go right into the purple-and-yellow tent. Click on the lady in front, then click the seat. ~ some computer animation (you may have to play much more than when - I"m not sure, but I think the more you click your mouse the faster you eat), you win two empty pie tins - these are your helmets.for the picture, enter the midway, get in the picture booth, then click on the camera in the lower right.for the propeller, go into the midway, into the "counting pinball" booth, and also win the game twice - you acquire the prizes once you leave - there space two prizes, obtain them both.To victory the game, wait until the pea rolls under onto the celery, click the mouse when the pea is almost at the end of the celery.

Now, even though you have everything on the list, the plane guy won"t permit you paris - he says "you need to get everything on the list". You have to gain the cloud (which isn"t top top the list!).

Go earlier to the midway, walk to "match and catch fishing", and also win the video game (pair increase the same-shaped fish). You gain a jumprope. You will certainly be taken to the ferris wheel. Mr. Potato head gets in, and also gets stuck. Walk to the house near the begin - it has a pink "entrance" authorize on it. Click on the hole on the house to go within (I guess it"s supposed to it is in the door). click on your bouncy round to light the insides. Click again come bounce it till the room is lit. take it the violet shoes. Go earlier to the ferris wheel. Click on your pair of shoes to placed them on. Then click on them again 4 times. This is sufficient to acquire you up in the ferris wheel, and also rope the cloud. You space then required to the aircraft ride. Click on the popcorn, the picture, the propeller, and also the hats.You space then taken on the plane, and fly home. Practically done - now you have to make a tower, from biggest to smallest veggie. That"s trickier 보다 it sounds, together several have very similar heights.Click top top mr. Carrot, then mrs.

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Potato head, then mr. Potato head, climate the tomato, climate sweet potato."make a funny face", and then girlfriend win!